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Aspects of Language and Culture (Chandler & Sharp publications in anthropology), Carol M. Eastman.
1 Carol M. Eastman. Aspects of Language and Culture (Chandler & Sharp publications in anthropology)
Novato: Chandler & Sharp 1985 0883165147 / 9780883165140 4th printing Paperback Very good (Few pages have slight highlighting) 8.9 x 6 x 0.4 inches 
This book presents a systematic survey of how past and present linguistic and anthropological approaches to the study of human behavioral systems are related. It is intended to be useful to both beginning linguists and anthropologists. Five areas which figure prominently in both linguistic and anthropological investigation are discussed. ● Descriptive linguistics ● Structuralism and Transformationalism ● Comparative method ● Language and Culture ● Sociolinguistics 
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Language and the Internet, David Crystal.
2 David Crystal. Language and the Internet
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2006 0521868599 / 9780521868594 2nd Hard bound New New 5.4 x 0.9 x 8.5 inches 
In recent years, the Internet has come to dominate our lives. E-mail, instant messaging and chat are rapidly replacing conventional forms of correspondence, and the Web has become the first port of call for both information enquiry and leisure activity. How is this affecting language? There is a widespread view that as 'technospeak' comes to rule, standards will be lost. In this book, David Crystal argues the reverse: that the Internet has encouraged a dramatic expansion in the variety and creativity of language. Covering a range of Internet genres, including e-mail, chat, and the Web, this is a revealing account of how the Internet is radically changing the way we use language. This second edition has been thoroughly updated to account for more recent phenomena, with a brand new chapter on blogging and instant messaging. Engaging and accessible, it will continue to fascinate anyone who has ever used the Internet. 
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Special Education Considerations for English Language Learners: Delivering a Continuum of Services, Else Hamayan...[et al.]
3 Else Hamayan...[et al.] Special Education Considerations for English Language Learners: Delivering a Continuum of Services
Philadelphia: Caslon Publishing 2007 0972750797 / 9780972750790 1st Paperback New 27.4 x 21.6 x 1.5 cm 
Provides educators with tools and strategies to ● Assess the specific nature of the ELL's learning difficulties ● Collaborate in gathering information and providing services ● Create a continuum of interventions ● Measure the ELL's response to those interventions 
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Perspectives One: Assessment and Evaluation, Elspeth Hannan & Ed Hannan.
4 Elspeth Hannan & Ed Hannan. Perspectives One: Assessment and Evaluation
Toronto: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1991 0774713313 / 9780774713313 Paperback Very good - nearly fine (Slight signs of shelf wear) 8.3 x 10.5 x 0.6 
This package provides you, the teacher, with a wide range of assessment and evaluation strategies and instruments to: ● Monitor and further the students' growth into language users who: -can read, write, speak, listen, and view competently and flexibly for a wide range of purposes (Knowledge and skills) -do utilize their language abilities, especially as habitual readers and writers (practices) -do so willingly, because they value language as an important source of growth, learning, enjoyment, and satisfaction (values and attitudes) ● Encourage the students to reflect on and analyse their own language and learning as well as that of their peers ● Appraise the effectiveness of your language arts program 
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Early Biliteracy Development: Exploring Young Learners' Use of Their Linguistic Resources, Eurydice B. Bauer (ed.) & Mileidis Gort (ed.).
5 Eurydice B. Bauer (ed.) & Mileidis Gort (ed.). Early Biliteracy Development: Exploring Young Learners' Use of Their Linguistic Resources
London: Routledge 2011 0415880181 / 9780415880183 Paper back New Not issued 15.2 x 1.2 x 22.9 cm 
A large and growing number of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in the US and around the world have the potential to develop bilingualism and biliteracy if supported in their immediate environment. At the forefront in focusing exclusively on biliteracy development in early childhood across a variety of languages, this book provides both findings from empirical research with young bilinguals in home and school contexts and practical applications of these findings. Each chapter is structured in a similar format to offer parallel descriptions of the research, including a brief review of related empirical studies, an overview of the methods for data collection and analysis, a description of the main findings, and specific pedagogical implications to support educators’ efforts to construct meaningful, challenging, and dynamic literacy and language learning communities where one or more languages are used for communicating and learning. Pushing the field forward, this book is a valuable resource for helping literacy educators understand and respond to critical issues related to the development of young children’s literate competencies in two languages in home and school contexts. 
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The Story of French, Jean-Benoît Nadeau & Julie Barlow.
6 Jean-Benoît Nadeau & Julie Barlow. The Story of French
Toronto: Knopf Canada 2006 0676977340 / 9780676977349 1st Hardbound New New 6.3 x 1.3 x 9.3 inches 
A fascinating exploration of the historical and cultural development of the French language from the bestselling authors of Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong. Imagine a language that is watched over by a group of forty “Immortals,” a language with rules so complex that few people ever completely master it, whose status as the world’s lingua franca has been declining for two centuries, whose use in global institutions is waning and whose speakers are so insecure they pass laws banning the use of other languages and spend millions of tax-payers’ dollars to make sure it gets used in literature, music and film. Now imagine a language that is second only to English for the number of countries where it is spoken officially, surpassing both Spanish or Arabic, a language that is the official tongue of two G-7 countries and three European nations, that is employed alongside English in most international institutions and that is the number-two choice of language students across the planet – a language with two million teachers and 100 million students worldwide, and whose number of speakers has tripled in the last fifty years. This paradox is the backdrop for The Story of French, in which bilingual Canadian authors Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow unravel the mysteries of a language that has maintained its global influence in spite of the ascendancy of English. Mixing historical analysis with journalistic observation, and drawing on their experiences living in and travelling to French-speaking countries, they explore how the French language developed over the centuries, how it came to be spoken in the Americas, Africa and Asia, and how it has maintained its global appeal. 
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The Unfolding of Words: Commentary in the Age of Erasmus, Judith Rice Henderson (ed.).
7 Judith Rice Henderson (ed.). The Unfolding of Words: Commentary in the Age of Erasmus
Toronto: University of Toronto Press 2012 1442643374 / 9781442643376 1st Hard bound New New 15.6 x 2.5 x 23.6 cm 
Leading sixteenth-century scholars such as Martin Luther and Desiderius Erasmus used print technology to engage in dialogue and debate with authoritative contemporary texts. By what Juan Luis Vives termed 'the unfolding of words,' these humanists gave old works new meanings in brief notes and extensive commentaries, full paraphrases, or translations. This critique challenged the Middle Ages' deference to authors and authorship and resulted in some of the most original thought - and most violent controversy - of the Renaissance and Reformation. The Unfolding of Words brings together international scholarship to explore crucial changes in writers' interactions with religious and classical texts. This collection focuses particularly on commentaries by Erasmus, contextualizing his Annotations and Paraphrases on the New Testament against broader currents and works by such contemporaries as François Rabelais and Jodocus Badius. The Unfolding of Words tracks humanist explorations of the possibilities of the page that led to the modern dictionary, encyclopedia, and scholarly edition. 
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Global Linguistics: An Introduction, Marcel Danesi & Andrea Rocci.
8 Marcel Danesi & Andrea Rocci. Global Linguistics: An Introduction
Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter 2009 3110214067 / 9783110214062 1st Paperback New 6.1 x 0.7 x 9.1 inches 
Why do people from different cultural backgrounds often misunderstand each other even when they use a common language to interact? Why do arguments that we find reasonable not seem so to members of other cultural groups? Global Linguistics: An Introduction addresses these and other basic questions about language and discourse in intercultural communication_ providing a solid and accessible introduction to ""global linguistics"": an interdisciplinary field combining insights from contact linguistics_ pragmatics_ conceptual metaphor theory and argumentation theory, 
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Teaching English to Young Learners, An Illustrated Guide for EFL Teacher Development - Trainer's Handbook, Marcia Fisk Ong & Vinodini Murugesan.
9 Marcia Fisk Ong & Vinodini Murugesan. Teaching English to Young Learners, An Illustrated Guide for EFL Teacher Development - Trainer's Handbook
Compass Publishing 2007 1599660296 / 9781599660295 Paper back New (Slight shelf wearing) 10.7 x 8.1 x 0.2 inches 
Teaching English to Young Learners is targeted at developing the potential of English language classroom teachers working with children. The Teacher Development Book presents a collection of twenty modules focusing on different aspects of teaching young learners. Each module consists of an instructional model in the form of a picture story accompanied by captions and speech bubbles. A Key Vocabulary list summarizes the verbs, nouns, and other content words that appear in the story. Specific mention is also made of specialized or unusual usages. Each picture story is followed by a series of activities highlighting aspects of the language and methodology demonstrated within it. These activities provide teachers with the opportunity to improve language proficiency and professional expertise by focusing on vocabulary review, grammar listening, constructing and compiling teaching resources, and reflection. Key Features - Twenty modules that can be explored in any order - Full-color picture stories showcasing practical teaching techniques and professional methodology - Ready-to-use language for classroom management and instruction - Professional terminology that appears in context - Practice activities, teacher-made resources, and reflection techniques - Transcripts and answer keys included for autonomous learning 
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Punctuation Power: Punctuation and How to Use It, Marvin Terban.
10 Marvin Terban. Punctuation Power: Punctuation and How to Use It
New York: Scholastic Reference 2000 0590386743 / 9780590386746 Paperback Like New 8.5 x 6.2 x 0.2 inches 
Puncuation Power, the newest paperback Scholastic Guide, is a guide to all of the punctuation 8 to 14-year-olds (and most adults) need. It uses a clever format that is fun and informative. Knowing how to puncuate sentences properly is a skill that can help any writer communicate more clearly. PUNCTUATION POWER presents kids with the information they need to become better punctuators. Terban's voice is both energetic and fun. Now available in paperback, this guide can be put in school bags and brought to school, the library, or anywhere else a child would need it. 
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Language Shock/Understanding The Culture Of Conversation, Michael H. Agar.
11 Michael H. Agar. Language Shock/Understanding The Culture Of Conversation
New York: William Morrow & Co. 1994 0688149499 / 9780688149499 Paper back Like New 15.6 x 1.8 x 23.5 cm 
The key to communication, says linguistic anthropologist Michael Agar, is understandingthe context and culture of conversation. In Language Shock, Agar reveals how deeply our language and cultural values intertwine to define who we are and how we relate to one another. From paying an electric bill in Austria to opening a bank account in Mexico to handling a parking ticket in the United States, he shows how routine tasks become lessons in the subtleties of conversation when we venture outside our cultural sphere. With humorous, insightful stories from his extensive travels, Agar engages us in a lively study of "languaculture" and enriches our view of the world. 
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Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication, Peter Urs Bender & Robert A. Tracz.
12 Peter Urs Bender & Robert A. Tracz. Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication
Toronto: The Achievement Group 2003 096950666X / 9780969506669 Paper back New 22.6 x 15 x 2.3 cm 
In this age of sophisticated communications technology how can interpersonal communications be suffering? Simply, few people take the time (or even feel they have the need) to learn the skills of effective one-on-one communications. This book emphasizes a systematic approach to interpersonal contact because its authors know from their other work – presenting, leading, marketing – that systematizing the approach to any activity will help individuals excel at it. Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication will appeal to those who truly want to improve the skills that lead to better understanding. 
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Deconstructing Morphology: Word Formation in Syntactic Theory, Rochelle Lieber.
13 Rochelle Lieber. Deconstructing Morphology: Word Formation in Syntactic Theory
Chicago: University Of Chicago Press 1992 0226480631 / 9780226480633 1st Paper back New Not issued 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches A name written at first page corner.
One of the major contributions to theoretical linguistics during the twentieth century has been an advancement of our understanding that the information-bearing units which make up human language are organized on a hierarchy of levels. It has been an overarching goal of research since the 1930s to determine the precise nature of those levels and what principles guide interactions among them. Linguists have typically posited phonological, morphological, and syntactic levels, each with its own distinct vocabulary and organizing principles, but in Deconstructing Morphology Rochelle Lieber persuasively challenges the existence of a morphological level of language. Her argument, that rules and vocabulary claimed to belong to the morphological level in fact belong to the levels of syntax and phonology, follows the work of Sproat, Toman, and others. Her study, however, is the first to draw jointly on Chomsky's Government-Binding Theory of syntax and on recent research in phonology. Ranging broadly over data from many languages—including Tagalog, English, French, and Dutch—Deconstructing Morphology addresses key questions in current morphological and phonological research and provides an innovative view of the overall architecture of grammar. 
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Seven Stories of Threatening Speech: Women's Suffrage Meets Machine Code, Ruth A. Miller.
14 Ruth A. Miller. Seven Stories of Threatening Speech: Women's Suffrage Meets Machine Code
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2013 0472035282 / 9780472035281 1st Paper back New 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches 
Ruth A. Miller demonstrates the potential of taking nonhuman linguistic activity—such as the running of machine code—as an analytical model. Via a lively discussion of 19th-century pro- and antisuffragists, Miller tells a new computational story in which language becomes a thing that executes physically or mechanically through systems, networks, and environments, rather than a form for human recognition or representation. Language might be better understood as something that operates but never communicates, that sorts, stores, or reproduces information but never transmits meaning. Miller makes a compelling case that the work that speech has historically done is in need of reevaluation. She severs the link between language and human as well as nonhuman agency, between speech acts and embodiment, and she demonstrates that current theories of electoral politics have missed a key issue: the nonhuman, informational character of threatening linguistic activity. This book thus represents a radical methodological initiative not just for scholars of history and language but for specialists in law, political theory, political science, gender studies, semiotics, and science and technology studies. It takes posthumanist scholarship to an exciting and essential, if sometimes troubling, conclusion. 
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