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Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design, Bill Buxton.
1 Bill Buxton. Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design
San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann 2007 0123740371 / 9780123740373 1st Paper back New Not issued 0.8 x 7.5 x 9.2 inches 
Sketching User Experiences approaches design and design thinking as something distinct that needs to be better understood-by both designers and the people with whom they need to work- in order to achieve success with new products and systems. So while the focus is on design, the approach is holistic. Hence, the book speaks to designers, usability specialists, the HCI community, product managers, and business executives. There is an emphasis on balancing the back-end concern with usability and engineering excellence (getting the design right) with an up-front investment in sketching and ideation (getting the right design). Overall, the objective is to build the notion of informed design: molding emerging technology into a form that serves our society and reflects its values. Grounded in both practice and scientific research, Bill Buxton’s engaging work aims to spark the imagination while encouraging the use of new techniques, breathing new life into user experience design. Covers sketching and early prototyping design methods suitable for dynamic product capabilities: cell phones that communicate with each other and other embedded systems, "smart" appliances, and things you only imagine in your dreams Thorough coverage of the design sketching method which helps easily build experience prototypes-without the effort of engineering prototypes which are difficult to abandon Reaches out to a range of designers, including user interface designers, industrial designers, software engineers, usability engineers, product managers, and others Full of case studies, examples, exercises, and projects, and access to video clips that demonstrate the principles and methods 
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Nuclear Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know, Charles D. Ferguson.
2 Charles D. Ferguson. Nuclear Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know
New York: Oxford University Press 2011 0199759464 / 9780199759460 Paper back Like New Not issued 20.8 x 1.5 x 14 cm Author's sign copy with well wishes for Dr. Dirk.
Originally perceived as a cheap and plentiful source of power, the commercial use of nuclear energy has been controversial for decades. Worries about the dangers that nuclear plants and their radioactive waste posed to nearby communities grew over time, and plant construction in the United States virtually died after the early 1980s. The 1986 disaster at Chernobyl only reinforced nuclear power's negative image. Yet in the decade prior to the Japanese nuclear crisis of 2011, sentiment aboutnuclear power underwent a marked change. The alarming acceleration of global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels and concern about dependence on foreign fuel has led policymakers, climate scientists, and energy experts to look once again at nuclear power as a source of energy. In this accessible overview, Charles D. Ferguson provides an authoritative account of the key facts about nuclear energy. What is the origin of nuclear energy? What countries use commercial nuclear power, and howmuch electricity do they obtain from it? How can future nuclear power plants be made safer? What can countries do to protect their nuclear facilities from military attacks? How hazardous is radioactive waste? Is nuclear energy a renewable energy source? Featuring a discussion of the recent nuclear crisis in Japan and its ramifications, Ferguson addresses these questions and more in a book that is essential for anyone looking to learn more about this important issue. 
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Nuclear Power (Library in a Book), David E. Newton.
3 David E. Newton. Nuclear Power (Library in a Book)
New York: Facts on File 2006 0816056552 / 9780816056552 Hardbound Like New (Former library copy with usual stamps. In mint condition like a new) Not issued 1 x 6.2 x 9.2 inches 
"Nuclear Power" outlines the history of nuclear power production in the United States and the issues that arise from the use of nuclear power in the production of energy. Providing solid, valuable information, it traces this issue from the past to the present. A fully loaded one-volume reference, this book is ideal for anyone interested in nuclear power, including policy-makers, administrators, attorneys, and advocacy groups, as well as teachers, students, parents, and the general public. 
Price: 46.00 USD
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Performance Enhancements in Coatings, Edward W. Orr.
4 Edward W. Orr. Performance Enhancements in Coatings
Cincinnati: Hanser/Gardner Publications 1998 1569902631 / 9781569902639 Hardbound New Not issued 1 x 7 x 9.8 inches 
The science of environmentally friendly coatings is a very young, but rapidly growing discipline. As a result, there is a shortage of integrative information that overviews the interrelationships that exist among all the disparate sub-disciplines. This textbook provides the missing link by offering a critical overview of cutting edge, interdisciplinary technology designed to improve performance. It is the first text to describe how additives have evolved to not only take the mystery out of environmentally friendly coatings, but also to meet the challenge of the twenty-first century. 
Price: 99.95 USD
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Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New Beasts, Emily Anthes.
5 Emily Anthes. Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New Beasts
New York: Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2013 0374158592 / 9780374158590 1st Hard bound New New 16.3 x 2.6 x 23.5 cm 
For centuries, we've toyed with our creature companions, breeding dogs that herd and hunt, housecats that look like tigers, and teacup pigs that fit snugly in our handbags. But what happens when we take animal alteration a step further, engineering a cat that glows green under ultraviolet light or cloning the beloved family Labrador? Science has given us a whole new toolbox for tinkering with life. How are we using it? In Frankenstein's Cat, the journalist Emily Anthes takes us from petri dish to pet store as she explores how biotechnology is shaping the future of our furry and feathered friends. As she ventures from bucolic barnyards to a "frozen zoo" where scientists are storing DNA from the planet's most exotic creatures, she discovers how we can use cloning to protect endangered species, craft prosthetics to save injured animals, and employ genetic engineering to supply farms with disease-resistant livestock. Along the way, we meet some of the animals that are ushering in this astonishing age of enhancement, including sensor-wearing seals, cyborg beetles, a bionic bulldog, and the world's first cloned cat. Through her encounters with scientists, conservationists, ethicists, and entrepreneurs, Anthes reveals that while some of our interventions may be trivial (behold: the GloFish), others could improve the lives of many species-including our own. So what does biotechnology really mean for the world's wild things? And what do our brave new beasts tell us about ourselves? With keen insight and her trademark spunk, Anthes highlights both the peril and the promise of our scientific superpowers, taking us on an adventure into a world where our grandest science fiction fantasies are fast becoming reality. 
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Up the Infinite Corridor: MIT and the Technical Imagination, Fred Hapgood.
6 Fred Hapgood. Up the Infinite Corridor: MIT and the Technical Imagination
New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing 1993 0201082934 / 9780201082937 Hard bound New New 1.9 x 15.9 x 24.1 cm 
An inside look at the engineering profession discusses the current research projects and the nerd culture of MIT, allowing readers to admire and appreciate the pioneering work of these all-too-often ridiculed scientists. 
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God's Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Religion, Guy Consolmagno.
7 Guy Consolmagno. God's Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Religion
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass 2008 0787994669 / 9780787994662 1st Hard bound New New 6.3 x 1 x 9.3 inches 
In God's Mechanics, Brother Guy tells the stories of those who identify with the scientific mindset—so-called "techies"—while practicing religion. A full fledged techie himself, he relates some classic philosophical reflections, his interviews with dozens of fellow techies, and his own personal take on his Catholic beliefs to provide, like a set of "worked out sample problems," the hard data on the challenges and joys of embracing a life of faith as a techie. And he also gives a roadmap of the traps that can befall an unwary techie believer. With lively prose and wry humor, Brother Guy shows how he not only believes in God but gives religion an honored place alongside science in his life. This book offers an engaging look at how—and why—scientists and those with technological leanings can hold profound, "unprovable" religious beliefs while working in highly empirical fields. Through his own experience and interviews with other scientists and engineers who profess faith, Brother Guy explores how religious beliefs and practices make sense to those who are deeply rooted in the world of technology. 
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The Well-Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself, Hannah Holmes.
8 Hannah Holmes. The Well-Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself
Toronto: Random House Canada 2008 0679314954 / 9780679314950 1st Hard bound New New 6.4 x 1.2 x 9.5 inches 
Stiff meets Your Inner Fish in this surprising, humourous, and edifying look at our species as, essentially, animals. Combining personal stories, cutting-edge science, and a buoyant sense of humour, Hannah Holmes offers an intriguing and fresh way to understand our place in the world. Science journalist Hannah Holmes wryly examines the human animal, beginning with the animal she knows best: herself. What she finds is that, of course, we are indisputably animals – in some ways (smell and vision, for instance) rather inferior ones. Yet Holmes also discovers that Homo sapiens exhibit some traits and behaviours found in no other animal on earth. Our species is among the most generous, and the most thoughtful. Not so admirably, we kill ourselves any number of ways, including by eating ourselves to death. All this in addition to a patently bizarre physical appearance, and shocking lack of defences. Confronting the creature in the mirror, Holmes wrestles with the big questions: Are humans special at all? How different are men and women? (Very.) What is our place in the kingdom of animals – and on the planet Earth? 
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Theoretical Empiricism: A General Rationale for Scientific Model-Building, Herman Wold (ed.).
9 Herman Wold (ed.). Theoretical Empiricism: A General Rationale for Scientific Model-Building
New York: Paragon House 1989 0892260556 / 9780892260553 1st Hardbound Like New (Just a couple of pages, 4 to 6, have one to four lines highlighting) New 9 x 6.2 x 1.4 inches 
"Theoretical Empiricism" gives methods based on FP (Fixed Point) and PLS (Partial Least Squares). FP and PLS modeling is easy in the statistical implementation, and is easy and speedy on the computer. Ever larger and more ambitious FP/PLS estimates are reported. Seven substantive researchers in different scientific discipline report on as many pioneering large systems estimated FP/PLS. PLS has drastically reduced the distance between substantive research and statistical theory. In view of the abundance of potential applications, PLS modeling is at an early stage of evolution. 
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Energy Autonomy: The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy, Hermann Scheer.
10 Hermann Scheer. Energy Autonomy: The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy
London: Earthscan 2007 1844073556 / 9781844073559 Reprinted Hardbound New New 8.8 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches 
For 200 years industrial civilization has relied on the combustion of abundant and cheap carbon fuels. But continued reliance has had perilous consequences. On the one hand there is the insecurity of relying on the world's most unstable region - the Middle East - compounded by the imminence of peak oil, growing scarcity and mounting prices. On the other, the potentially cataclysmic consequences of continuing to burn fossil fuels, as the evidence of accelerating climate change shows. Yet there is a solution: to make the transition to renewable sources of energy and distributed, decentralized energy generation. It is a model that has been proven, technologically, commercially and politically, as Scheer comprehensively demonstrates here. The alternative of a return to nuclear power - again being widely advocated - he shows to be compromised and illusory. The advantages of renewable energy are so clear and so overwhelming that resistance to them needs diagnosis - which Scheer also provides, showing why and how entrenched interests and one-dimensional structures of thinking oppose the transition, and what must be done to overcome these obstacles. The new book from the award-winning author of THE SOLAR ECONOMY and A SOLAR MANIFESTO demonstrates why the transition to renewable energy is essential and how it can be done. 
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The Ends of Our Exploring: Ethical and Scientific Journeys to Remote Places, Hooley McLaughlin.
11 Hooley McLaughlin. The Ends of Our Exploring: Ethical and Scientific Journeys to Remote Places
Toronto: Malcolm Lester Books 2002 1894121104 / 9781894121101 Paper back New (Author's dedication remarks and sign on first page) 22.8 x 15.5 x 2.8 cm 
A boat ride up the Ob River in northern Siberia begins this remarkable journey. In a pioneer village of reindeer herders, nomadic skin tents, and mud, Hooley McLaughlin struggles with his system of moral values. He is a scientist working for a Canadian museum. Should he bring back a local sculptor for a display on traditional native life, or should he listen to his growing personal doubts that everything is acceptable in the modern pursuit of knowledge? Further into Siberia to the ruined remains of the Gulag railroad, the author recognizes in himself the passionate feelings of achievement associated with this grandiose and horrendous project of the 20th century. A railroad that crosses the entire Arctic region of Siberia is a product of our great scientific and technological advancements, but it comes with a terrible cost-millions upon millions of lives were lost during its construction. In story after story, we become participants in the author's personal struggle. The destinations may be remote, but the distance is short. At the end of our exploring, in the darkness of our confusion, perhaps we can understand the true nature of things. The answer lies not in accepting a final plan or purpose for the world, but in the realization that we are interactive participants in our destinies. 
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Turmoil and Triumph: The Controversial Railway to Hudson Bay, Ian Bickle.
12 Ian Bickle. Turmoil and Triumph: The Controversial Railway to Hudson Bay
Calgary: Detselig Enterprises 1995 150059107X 1st Hardbound New New 8 x 1 x 9 inches 
This is a story of courage and adventure. It reveals how workers struggled through long days, enduring extreme weather, pests, and the often poor food and housing, as they built a railway through the difficult terrain of Canada’s northern wilderness to Churchill, Manitoba. Author Ian Bickle provides rare insight into the survey parties who explored this region of ice, snow, swamp and muskeg. He gives a historical account of the organizations, such as the RNWMP (later RCMP), that helped bring order and discipline to the rugged life on the line, and Frontier College teachers, who assisted the workers in their labors and their education. The men who surveyed the Bay route, the workers who built it and the people who keep it alive have raised the level of human achievement in Canada. Their story is an important and colorful part of Canadian history. 
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Biotechnology: Science Education and Commercialization: An international symposium, Indra K. Vasil (ed.).
13 Indra K. Vasil (ed.). Biotechnology: Science Education and Commercialization: An international symposium
New York: Elsevier Science Publishing 1990 0444015485 / 9780444015488 Hard bound New New 6.1 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches 
Never in the history of science has the volume of knowledge, and new applications of that knowledge, developed as quickly as in the field of biotechnology. Its worldwide promise in the areas of human and animal health, the food supply, and the environment is staggering. It is said of biotechnology that its momentum is propelling us beyond society's ability to assimilate dimensions of biotechnology and to take a leading role to assure that its rapid development is understood, supported, and appropriately utilized. Participants in this Symposium assessed the scientific accomplishments of biotechnology, examined commercialization of biotechnology, including licensing and development of inventions and discoveries, and assessed biotechnology education throughout the world. A special update on the human genome project concluded the Symposium. 
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Statics for Building Construction, Jack L. Burton.
14 Jack L. Burton. Statics for Building Construction
New Jersey: Prentice Hall 1999 0136743005 / 9780136743002 1st Hardbound New Not issued 8.2 x 0.6 x 10.4 inches 
Adhering to all ANSI and ASTM standards, this informative book on building construction guides readers through the analytical thought process required to make an informed structural analysis. Written from an architectural structural perspective, it demonstrates real-world applications throughout, and suggests numerous hands-on group projects to bring concepts to life. Requires minimal knowledge of algebra and trigonometry; no calculus. Focuses on five major areas of study - Static Physics, Analysis of Forces of Beams, Structural Design, Structural Wood Design, and Structural Concrete Design. Integrates many word problems and sample exercises throughout, and bases all computations covered on two-dimensional forces for simplification. Highlights variable formats and the "scale method", and explores drafting and detailing tools/criteria for illustrating structural solutions. 
Price: 201.20 USD
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Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics, Jennifer Gabrys.
15 Jennifer Gabrys. Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2013 0472035371 / 9780472035373 Reprint edition Paper back New 1 x 6 x 9 inches 
This is a study of the material life of information and its devices; of electronic waste in its physical and electronic incarnations; a cultural and material mapping of the spaces where electronics in the form of both hardware and information accumulate, break down, or are stowed away. Where other studies have addressed "digital" technology through a focus on its immateriality or virtual qualities, Gabrys traces the material, spatial, cultural and political infrastructures that enable the emergence and dissolution of these technologies. In the course of her book, she explores five interrelated "spaces" where electronics fall apart: from Silicon Valley to Nasdaq, from containers bound for China to museums and archives that preserve obsolete electronics as cultural artifacts, to the landfill as material repository. Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics describes the materiality of electronics from a unique perspective, examining the multiple forms of waste that electronics create as evidence of the resources, labor, and imaginaries that are bundled into these machines. Ranging across studies of media and technology, as well as environments, geography, and design, Jennifer Gabrys draws together the far-reaching material and cultural processes that enable the making and breaking of these technologies. 
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Math Memories You Can Count On: A Literature-Based Approach to Teaching Mathematics in Primary Classrooms, Jo-Anne Lake.
16 Jo-Anne Lake. Math Memories You Can Count On: A Literature-Based Approach to Teaching Mathematics in Primary Classrooms
Markham: Pembroke Publishers 2009 155138227X / 9781551382272 Paper back New 10.7 x 8.3 x 0.5 inches 
Choose and use literature to connect children with real-world math! this easy-to-use book is organized around the 5 math strands — number sense and numeration; measurement; geometry and spatial send; patterning and algebra; and data management and probability. It offers a wealth of reproducible activities, booklists, and assessment tools that deal with problem solving, reasoning, communication, making connections, and representing math in a variety of ways. 
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SwitchPoints: Culture Change on the Fast Track to Business Success, Judy Johnson; Les Dakens; Peter Edwards & Ned Morse.
17 Judy Johnson; Les Dakens; Peter Edwards & Ned Morse. SwitchPoints: Culture Change on the Fast Track to Business Success
Hoboken: Wiley 2008 0470283831 / 9780470283837 1st Hardbound New New 6.2 x 1 x 9.3 inches 
SwitchPoints is the inspiring story of how Canadian National Railway (CN) advanced from good to great in a few short years–becoming North America's top-performing railroad and a favorite with of corporate customers and investors. In it, the authors reveal how company-wide culture change propelled this aging transportation giant to become the profitable powerhouse it is today. Rich with insights and anecdotes, SwitchPoints offers lessons that can be applied to any organization seeking to improve the bottom line by improving their culture. 
Price: 29.95 USD
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The Book Of Times: From Seconds to Centuries, a Compendium of Measures, Lesley Alderman.
18 Lesley Alderman. The Book Of Times: From Seconds to Centuries, a Compendium of Measures
Avon 2013 0062074180 / 9780062074188 Paper back Like New Not issued 13.5 x 2.1 x 20.3 cm 
An endlessly fascinating, beautifully designed survey of time—how long things take, how long things last, and how we spend our days Our relationship to time is complex and paradoxical: Time stands still. Time also flies. Tomorrow is another day. Yet there's no time like the present. We want to do more in less time, but wish we could slow the clock. And despite all our time-saving devices—iPhones, DVRs, high-speed trains—Americans feel that they have less leisure time than ever. In an era when our time feels fractured and imperiled, The Book of Times encourages readers to ponder time used and time spent. How long does it take to find a new mate, digest a hamburger, or compose a symphony? How much time do we spend daydreaming, texting, and getting ready for work? The book challenges our beliefs and urges us to consider how, and why, some things get faster, some things slow down, and some things never change (the need for seven to eight hours of sleep). Packed with compelling charts, lists, and quizzes, as well as new and intriguing research, The Book of Times is an addictive, browsable, and provocative look at the idea of time from every direction. 
Price: 15.99 USD
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Rewiring the Real: In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo, Mark C. Taylor.
19 Mark C. Taylor. Rewiring the Real: In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo
New York: Columbia University Press 2013 0231160402 / 9780231160407 Hard bound New New 1 x 6.5 x 8.5 inches 
Digital and electronic technologies that act as extensions of our bodies and minds are changing how we live, think, act, and write. Some welcome these developments as bringing humans closer to unified consciousness and eternal life. Others worry that invasive globalized technologies threaten to destroy the self and the world. Whether feared or desired, these innovations provoke emotions that have long fueled the religious imagination, suggesting the presence of a latent spirituality in an era mistakenly deemed secular and posthuman. William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo are American authors who explore this phenomenon thoroughly in their work. Engaging the works of each in conversation, Mark C. Taylor discusses their sophisticated representations of new media, communications, information, and virtual technologies and their transformative effects on the self and society. He focuses on Gaddis's The Recognitions, Powers's Plowing the Dark, Danielewski's House of Leaves, and DeLillo's Underworld, following the interplay of technology and religion in their narratives and their imagining of the transition from human to posthuman states. Their challenging ideas and inventive styles reveal the fascinating ways religious interests affect emerging technologies and how, in turn, these technologies guide spiritual aspirations. To read these novels from this perspective is to see them and the world anew. 
Price: 27.95 USD
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Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water, Maude Barlow.
20 Maude Barlow. Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 2007 0771010729 / 9780771010729 1st Paper back New Not issued 14 x 1.7 x 21.5 cm Donation stamp by the publisher on second page.
“Imagine a world in twenty years, in which no substantive progress has been made to provide basic wastewater service in the Third World, or to force industry and industrial agriculture production to stop polluting water systems, or to curb the mass movement of water by pipeline, tanker and other diversion, which will have created huge new swaths of desert." “Desalination plants will ring the world’s oceans, many of them run by nuclear power; corporate nanotechnology will clean up sewage water and sell it to private utilities who will sell it back to us at a huge profit; the rich will drink only bottled water found in the few remote parts of the world left or sucked from the clouds by machines, while the poor die in increasing numbers. This is not science fiction. This is where the world is headed unless we change course.” — Maude Barlow Dubbed “Canada’s best-known voice of dissent” by the CBC, Maude Barlow has proven herself again and again to be on the leading edge of issues Canadians care deeply about. In Blue Covenant, Barlow lays out the actions that we as global citizens must take to secure a water-just world — a “blue covenant” for all. 
Price: 19.99 USD
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