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Foreign bodies, Alphonso Lingis.
1 Alphonso Lingis. Foreign bodies
New York: Routledge 1994 0415909902 / 9780415909907 1st Paperback New 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches 
Foreign Bodies analyzes how our culture elaborates for us the bodies we have by natural evolution. Calling on the new means contemporary thinkers have used to understand the body, Alphonso Lingis explores forms of power, pleasure and pain, and libidinal identity. The book contrasts the findings of theory with the practice of the body as formulated in quite different kinds of language--the language of plastic art (the artwork body builders make of themselves), biography, anthropology and literature. Lingis explains how we experience our own powers of perception, our postures, attitudes, gestures and purposive action; how our susceptibility to pain and excitability by pleasure acquiesce in and resist the ways they are identified and manipulated today; how cultures code our sensuality with phallic and with fluid identities; how others dress appeals to and puts demands on us. 
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The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves, Andrew Potter.
2 Andrew Potter. The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 2010 0771071051 / 9780771071058 1st Hard bound New New 6.2 x 1.1 x 9.3 inches Author's remarks and sign on first page.
We live in a world increasingly dominated by the fake, the prepackaged, the artificial: fast food, scripted reality TV shows, Facebook "friends," and fraudulent memoirs. But people everywhere are demanding the exact opposite, heralding "authenticity" as the cure for isolated individualism and shallow consumerism. Restaurants promote the authenticity of their cuisine, while condo developers promote authentic loft living and book reviewers regularly praise the authenticity of a new writer's voice. International bestselling author Andrew Potter brilliantly unpacks our modern obsession with authenticity. In this perceptive and thought-provoking blend of pop culture, history, and philosophy, he finds that far from serving as a refuge from modern living, the search for authenticity often creates the very problems it's meant to solve. 
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Writing To Reason: A Companion for Philosophy Students and Instructors, Brian David Mogck.
3 Brian David Mogck. Writing To Reason: A Companion for Philosophy Students and Instructors
Malden: Blackwell Publishing 2008 1405170999 / 9781405170994 1st Paper back Like New Not issued 15.4 x 1.3 x 23 cm First half of the total pages are highlighted wit
Writing to Reason presents the principles of writing a clear and well-argued philosophy paper in an easily-referenced numerical format, which facilitates efficient grading and clearer communication between instructors and students. Points out the most common problems students have achieving these objectives Increases efficiencies for instructors in grading papers Presents students with clearer information, objectivity, and transparency about their graded results Facilitates clearer communication between instructors and students 
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The Ends of Our Exploring: Ethical and Scientific Journeys to Remote Places, Hooley McLaughlin.
4 Hooley McLaughlin. The Ends of Our Exploring: Ethical and Scientific Journeys to Remote Places
Toronto: Malcolm Lester Books 2002 1894121104 / 9781894121101 Paper back New (Author's dedication remarks and sign on first page) 22.8 x 15.5 x 2.8 cm 
A boat ride up the Ob River in northern Siberia begins this remarkable journey. In a pioneer village of reindeer herders, nomadic skin tents, and mud, Hooley McLaughlin struggles with his system of moral values. He is a scientist working for a Canadian museum. Should he bring back a local sculptor for a display on traditional native life, or should he listen to his growing personal doubts that everything is acceptable in the modern pursuit of knowledge? Further into Siberia to the ruined remains of the Gulag railroad, the author recognizes in himself the passionate feelings of achievement associated with this grandiose and horrendous project of the 20th century. A railroad that crosses the entire Arctic region of Siberia is a product of our great scientific and technological advancements, but it comes with a terrible cost-millions upon millions of lives were lost during its construction. In story after story, we become participants in the author's personal struggle. The destinations may be remote, but the distance is short. At the end of our exploring, in the darkness of our confusion, perhaps we can understand the true nature of things. The answer lies not in accepting a final plan or purpose for the world, but in the realization that we are interactive participants in our destinies. 
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Mind and World, John McDowell.
5 John McDowell. Mind and World
London: Harvard University Press 1994 0674576098 / 9780674576094 1st Hardbound Very good (Few pages have some light writing/underlining with lead pencil that is erasable) Like New 9.5 x 6.3 x 0.8 inches 
Modern Philosophy finds it difficult to give a satisfactory picture of the place of minds in the world. In Mind and World, based on the 1991 John Locke Lectures, one of the most distinguished philosophers writing today offers his diagnosis of this difficulty and points to a cure. In doing so, he delivers the most complete and ambitious statement to date of his own views, a statement that no one concerned with the future of philosophy can afford to ignore. John McDowell amply illustrates a major problem of modern philosophy--the insidious persistence of dualism--in his discussion of empirical thought. Much as we would like to conceive empirical thought as rationally grounded in experience, pitfalls await anyone who tries to articulate this position, and McDowell exposes these traps by exploiting the work of contemporary philosophers from Wilfrid Sellars to Donald Davidson. These difficulties, he contends, reflect an understandable--but surmountable--failure to see how we might integrate what Sellars calls the logical space of reasons" into the natural world. What underlies this impasse is a conception of nature that has certain attractions for the modern age, a conception that McDowell proposes to put aside, thus circumventing these philosophical difficulties. By returning to a pre-modern conception of nature but retaining the intellectual advance of modernity that has mistakenly been viewed as dislodging it, he makes room for a fully satisfying conception of experience as a rational openness to independent reality. This approach also overcomes other obstacles that impede a generally satisfying understanding of how we are placed in the world. 
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The Unfolding of Words: Commentary in the Age of Erasmus, Judith Rice Henderson (ed.).
6 Judith Rice Henderson (ed.). The Unfolding of Words: Commentary in the Age of Erasmus
Toronto: University of Toronto Press 2012 1442643374 / 9781442643376 1st Hard bound New New 15.6 x 2.5 x 23.6 cm 
Leading sixteenth-century scholars such as Martin Luther and Desiderius Erasmus used print technology to engage in dialogue and debate with authoritative contemporary texts. By what Juan Luis Vives termed 'the unfolding of words,' these humanists gave old works new meanings in brief notes and extensive commentaries, full paraphrases, or translations. This critique challenged the Middle Ages' deference to authors and authorship and resulted in some of the most original thought - and most violent controversy - of the Renaissance and Reformation. The Unfolding of Words brings together international scholarship to explore crucial changes in writers' interactions with religious and classical texts. This collection focuses particularly on commentaries by Erasmus, contextualizing his Annotations and Paraphrases on the New Testament against broader currents and works by such contemporaries as François Rabelais and Jodocus Badius. The Unfolding of Words tracks humanist explorations of the possibilities of the page that led to the modern dictionary, encyclopedia, and scholarly edition. 
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The Communicative Ethics Controversy, Seyla Benhabib (ed.) & Fred R. Dallmayr (ed.).
7 Seyla Benhabib (ed.) & Fred R. Dallmayr (ed.). The Communicative Ethics Controversy
Massachusetts: The MIT Press 1990 0262521520 / 9780262521529 Paper back Like New (Slight shelf wearing) 15.2 x 2.5 x 22.9 cm A name written at top corner of first page.
This timely reader in moral philosophy addresses a controversy that strongly affected recent European reflections on the relevance of ethics for theories of democratic institutions and democratic legitimacy. The debate centers around the idea of a communicative ethics as articulated by Jürgen Habermas and Karl-Otto Apel, and it is representative both of recent attempts to bridge the gap between Continental and Anglo-American philosophy and of the turn to language that has characterized much of recent philosophy.The Communicative Ethics Controversy illustrates philosophical dialogue in action, moving from theses to counterarguments to rejoinders. Theoretical statements by Habermas, Apel, and two of their leading students, Dietrich Böhler and Robert Alexy, are followed by a series of five arguments by their leading critics, who represent viewpoints ranging from Kantian idealism to Wittgensteinian ordinary-language theory. Fred Dallmayr's introduction and Seyla Benhabib's incisive conclusion place the debate in perspective, bringing it up to date and relating it to the Anglo-American context.Seyla Benhabib is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Fred Dallmayr is Packey Dee Professor of Government at the University of Notre Dame.Contributors: Robert Alexy. Karl-Otto Apel. Seyla Benhabib. Dietrich Bohler. Jurgen Habermas. Otfried Hoffe. KarlHeinz Ilting. Hermann Lubbe. Herbert Schnadelbach. Albrecht Wellmer. 
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A Hundred Years of Philosophy from the Slater & Walsh Collections: Exhibition and Catalogue, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.
8 Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. A Hundred Years of Philosophy from the Slater & Walsh Collections: Exhibition and Catalogue
Toronto: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library 2008 0772760640 / 9780772760647 Paper back New Not issued 5.4 x 0.6 x 9.0 inches 

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Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier, Wendy Priesnitz (ed.).
9 Wendy Priesnitz (ed.). Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier
Toronto: Alternate Press 2008 0920118178 / 9780920118177 Paper back New 21.3 x 14.7 x 1.3 cm 
This passionate collection of essays from the leading edge of educational theory and practice demonstrates how families around the world are embracing the philosophy of life learning. Academics, parents and young people describe why non-compulsory, non-coercive, active, respectful, interest-led, family-and community-based learning from life is growing in popularity and will displace prescribed curriculum, standardized testing and the other regurgitation-based relics of our outmoded school system. This innovative way of learning through living not only fosters intellectual development and academic achievement, it allows children and young people to develop an understanding of themselves and their place in modern society so they create a better world. Life learning is the story of how children can personalize and control their own learning... and what adults can do (and stop doing) to help them. 
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Challenging assumptions in education: From institutionalized education to learning society, Wendy Priesnitz.
10 Wendy Priesnitz. Challenging assumptions in education: From institutionalized education to learning society
Toronto: Alternate Press 2008 0920118151 / 9780920118153 2nd Paper back New 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.4 inches Author's autograph on title page.
A fresh and exciting approach to the inevitable - and urgently needed - revolution in education, which demolishes the one-size-fits-all, industrialized model of processing and warehousing students and creates a community-based, individualized learning society accommodating learners of all ages, interests, abilities and styles. An award-winning journalist says the current crisis in public education is evidence of a system that has outlived its usefulness. And the solution is to abandon the myth that learning must happen in schools. Bringing together current knowledge about how people learn, electronic tools for learning, the demand for life-long learning, the deschooling/homeschooling movement, and the new trend toward grassroots democracy, this book makes a compelling case for formalizing into the mainstream of public education what a variety of futurists and management consultants recognize is already happening on the fringes. 
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Matters of the Mind, William Lyons.
11 William Lyons. Matters of the Mind
New York: Routledge 2001 0415937884 / 9780415937887 Paperback Very good (Pages have highlighting and a few lead pencil notes) 0.8 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches 
In Matters of the Mind, the distinguished philosopher William Lyons presents a popular and authoritative account of the dramatically different ways in which philosophers have thought about the mind over the last hundred years. He sets out the great debate about the nature of mind, focusing on the mind-body 'problem' and exploring the effect of the major turning points in recent western philosophy as well as the influence of the leading figures. In providing this account, the narrative draws also upon work in psychology, neurophysiology and computing. William Lyons explains how towards the end of the nineteenth century the mind was still regarded by most philosophers as a special sort of non-material thing, a soul, that inhabited the body like a ghost in a machine and was able to outlive the death of the bodily-machine. He goes on to narrate how, in the twentieth century, following the upheavals in the new science of psychology, the astonishing advances in the brain sciences, the invention of the computer, and the increasing materialism of modern philosophy, a new view of the nature of mind emerged. Matters of the Mind tells the fascinating and compelling story of the crucial debates about the nature of mind in our time. Key Features Provides a popular, highly illustrated and readable account of philosophy of mind for general readers and students in philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, neurophysiology and computing Presents a clear, non-technical overview of the main approaches within recent philosophy of mind, including Cartesianism, behaviourism, mind-brain identity theories, the coming of the computer, functionalism and the relationship of consciousness to brain processing Offers numerous easy-to-understand examples Sets the debates within their historical, intellectual and scientific contexts Gives an up-to-date account of recent developments and issues for the future Includes a Chronology of the philosophy and sciences of the mind in the twentieth century and an extensive Bibliography of references and further reading about the mind 
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