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Gender and Authority in Sixteenth-Century England, Amanda Shephard.
1 Amanda Shephard. Gender and Authority in Sixteenth-Century England
Staffordshire: Keele University Press 1994 1853310557 / 9781853310553 1st Paper back Like New. Couple of pages have little underlining; 4-5 pages only. Not issued 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches 
Shephard examines attitudes toward women in early modern England in the writings of John Knox and his opponents. Her analysis of the ideas of leading Catholic noblemen challenges the view that Protestantism improved the status of women, and shows that the most radical ideas about women's right to participate in public life are to be found within the aristocracy. 
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The Meaning of Wife, Anne Kingston.
2 Anne Kingston. The Meaning of Wife
Toronto: HarperCollins 2004 000200013X / 9780002000130 1st Hardbound New New 16 x 2.8 x 23.6 cm 
There is a wife crisis in North America, a brewing storm of conflicting forces swirling around what it means to be a wife at the beginning of the 21st century. The word “wife,” so fraught with ambiguity that it has become a female litmus test, elicits from women emotions ranging from longing to antipathy, anxiety to derision. The wife crisis is at the heart of journalist Anne Kingston’s often surprising and bound to be controversial new book, The Meaning of Wife. Cannily juxtaposing the Korean wife schools currently operated by the USO in Seoul with the recent marriage of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, Kingston delves into the complex, troubling, and sometimes humorous contradictions, illusions and realities of contemporary wifehood. She looks at “wife backlash,” and the new wave of neo-traditionalism that urges women to marry before their “best-before” date expires. She muses on the fact that Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, two of the world’s wealthiest and most influential women and, interestingly, non-wives, are beloved by their target audience of wives. She investigates the massive bridal industry, noting the elevation of the bride to a consumer icon―a brilliant marketing twist on the historical role of the bride as an object to be consumed. Exploring the role of the sexualized wife, she talks to Lou Paget, a.k.a. the “Martha Stewart of sex tips.” And, in a fascinating discourse on the economic value of being a wife, Kingston thoughtfully weighs the value of a virgin bride and the financial repercussions of divorce. Along the way, she talks to experts and ordinary wives, famous and infamous wives, second wives and trophy wives. The result is an entertaining mix of social, sexual, historical and economic commentary, a book that will become one of the most talked about of the season. 
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Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson, Camille Paglia.
3 Camille Paglia. Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson
London: Yale University Press 1990 0300043961 / 9780300043969 Hardbound Like New (A name written on top of fist page) Like New 9.6 x 6.5 x 2 inches 
In this brilliantly original book, Camille Paglia identifies some of the major patterns that have endured in western culture from ancient Egypt and Greece to the present. According to Paglia, one source of continuity is paganism, which, undefeated by Judeo-Christianity, continues to flourish in art, eroticism, astrology, and pop culture. Others, she says, are androgyny, sadism, and the aggressive western eye, which has created our art and cinema. Paglia follows these and other themes from Nefertiti and the Venus of Willendorf to Apollo and Dionysus, from Botticelli and Michaelangelo to Shakespeare and Blake and finally to Emily Dickinson, who, along with other major nineteenth-century authors, becomes a remarkable example of Romanticism turned into Decadence. Paglia offers provocative views of literature, art history, psychology, and religion. She focuses, for example, on the amorality, voyeurism, and pornography in great art that have been ignored or glossed over by most critics. She discusses sex and nature as brutal daemonic forces, and she criticizes feminists for sentimentality or wishful thinking about the causes of rape, violence, and poor relations between the sexes. She stressed the biologic basis of sex differences and sees the mother as an overwhelming force who condemns men to lifelong sexual anxiety, from which they escape through rationalism and physical achievement. She examines the culture and style of modern male homosexuals. She demonstrates how much of western life, art, and thought is ruled by personality, which she traces through recurrent types or personae such as the female vampire (Medusa, Lauren Bacall); the pythoness (the Dephic oracle, Gracie Allen); the beautiful boy (Hadrian's Antinous, Dorian Gray); the epicene man of beauty (Lord Byron, Elvis Presley); and the male heroine (Baudelaire, Woody Allen). Her book will stimulate and awe readers everywhere. 
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Female Icons: Marilyn Monroe to Susan Sontag, Carl Rollyson.
4 Carl Rollyson. Female Icons: Marilyn Monroe to Susan Sontag
Lincoln: iUniverse 2005 0595357261 / 9780595357260 Paperback New 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches 
This volume represents more than twenty-five years of writing about female icons and biography. Rollyson provides the bits and pieces that resulted not only in his biography of Marilyn Monroe but also in much of the work he has subsequently done on Lillian Hellman, Martha Gellhorn, Rebecca West, Susan Sontag, and on the nature of biography itself. This book includes a selection of Rollyson's New York Sun book reviews dealing with female icons such as Mary Stuart, Mary Wollstonecraft, The Brontës, Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Sylvia Plath. Rollyson's writing about icons has provoked him to question the process by which selves are defined. Discovering the shaping mechanisms of the self is simultaneously a way of understanding how biographies are built. In the end, this book should be of interest not merely to devotees of Monroe, Sontag, and other icons but also to anyone curious about the nature of biography and the biographer. 
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Dropped Threads: what we aren't told, Carol Shields (ed.) & Marjorie Anderson (ed.).
5 Carol Shields (ed.) & Marjorie Anderson (ed.). Dropped Threads: what we aren't told
Toronto: Vintage Canada 2001 0679310711 / 9780679310716 Paper back New Not issued 1 x 6.2 x 9 inches 
The idea came up over lunch between two old friends. There was a need for a book that, eschewing sensationalism and simplistic answers, would examine the holes in the fabric of women’s talk of the last thirty or forty years. The contributors, a cross-section of women, would be asked to explore defining moments in their lives rarely aired in common discourse: truths they had never shared, subjects they hadn’t written about before or otherwise found a place for. What Carol Shields and Marjorie Anderson wanted to hear about were the experiences that had brought unexpected pleasure or disappointment, that somehow had caught each woman unawares. The pieces, woven together, would be a tapestry of stories about what women experience but don’t talk about. The resulting book became an instant #1 bestseller. “Our feeling was that women are so busy protecting themselves and other people that they still feel they have to keep quiet about some subjects,” Carol Shields explained in an interview. Dropped Threads takes as its model the kind of informal discussions women have every day – over coffee, over lunch, over work, over the Internet – and pushes them further, sometimes even into painful territory. Subjects include work, menopause, childbirth, a husband’s terminal illness, the loss of a child, getting old, the substance of women’s friendships, the power of sexual feelings, the power of power, and that nagging question, “How do I look?” Some of the experiences are instantly recognizable; others are bound to provoke debate or inspire readers to examine their own lives more closely. The book is a collection of short, engaging pieces by more than thirty women, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. Many are mothers, some are grandmothers, and many are professionals, including journalists, professors, lawyers, musicians, a corporate events planner and a senator. Readers will find the personal revelations of some of their favourite authors here, such as Margaret Atwood, Bonnie Burnard, Sharon Butala, Joan Barfoot, Joan Clark and Katherine Govier. Other contributors include: • Eleanor Wachtel, CBC radio host, talks about her early fears of speaking in public. • June Callwood, journalist, social activist and a Companion of the Order of Canada, at the age of seventy-six is surprised at her failure to find answers to the imponderable dilemmas surrounding human life, and of her lack of connection to the “apparition” in the mirror. • Isabel Huggan, short story writer, muses on what she considers the impossibility of mothers passing on knowledge to their daughters, and on her own feeling that “we are girls dressed up in ladies’ clothing, pretending.” With writing that is reflective, often amusing, poignant, emotional and profound, Dropped Threads is the first book to tackle the lesser-discussed issues of middle age and is the first anthology the editors have compiled together. 
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The New Soft War on Women: How the Myth of Female Ascendance Is Hurting Women, Men--and Our Economy, Caryl Rivers & Rosalind C. Barnett.
6 Caryl Rivers & Rosalind C. Barnett. The New Soft War on Women: How the Myth of Female Ascendance Is Hurting Women, Men--and Our Economy
New York: Tarcher 2013 0399163336 / 9780399163333 Hard bound New New 6.2 x 1 x 9.2 inches 
For the first time in history, women make up half the educated labor force and are earning the majority of advanced degrees. It should be the best time ever for women, and yet... it’s not. Storm clouds are gathering, and the worst thing is that most women don’t have a clue what could be coming. In large part this is because the message they’re being fed is that they now have it made. But do they? In The New Soft War on Women, respected experts on gender issues and the psychology of women Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett argue that an insidious war of subtle biases and barriers is being waged that continues to marginalize women. Although women have made huge strides in recent years, these gains have not translated into money and influence. Consider the following: - Women with MBAs earn, on average, $4,600 less than their male counterparts in their first job out of business school. - Female physicians earn, on average, 39 percent less than male physicians. - Female financial analysts take in 35 percent less, and female chief executives one quarter less than men in similar positions. In this eye-opening book, Rivers and Barnett offer women the real facts as well as tools for combating the “soft war” tactics that prevent them from advancing in their careers. With women now central to the economy, determining to a large degree whether it thrives or stagnates, this is one war no one can afford for them to lose. 
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Feminism, Theory and the Politics of Difference, Chris Weedon.
7 Chris Weedon. Feminism, Theory and the Politics of Difference
Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 1999 0631198245 / 9780631198246 1st Paper back New 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches 
Difference is a key term in contemporary feminism. Since the 1700s women have been concerned with how they are seen as different from men and the social consequences of such assumed and actual differences. Whereas early second-wave feminism stressed women's shared oppression and sisterhood, more recent feminism has stressed difference - of class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and age.Feminism, Theory and the Politics of Difference looks at the question of difference across the full spectrum of feminist theory from liberal, radical, lesbian and socialist theories to Black and post-colonial feminisms. It relates feminist approaches to difference and diversity to the tendency within postmodernism to celebrate them often without due attention to power. 
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Feminism v. Mankind, Christine Kelly.
8 Christine Kelly. Feminism v. Mankind
Milton Keynes: Family Publications 1990 1871217075 / 9781871217070 1st Paperback New 5.8 x 8.1 x 0.4 inches 
This book challenges the myths and excesses propounded by the radical feminists. Themes taken up by several contributors to this work include many feminists' constant denigration of women who want to stay at home to look after their children. 
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The Youth Relationships Manual: A Group Approach with Adolescents for the Prevention of woman abuse and the promotion of health relationships, David A. Wolfe...[et al.].
9 David A. Wolfe...[et al.]. The Youth Relationships Manual: A Group Approach with Adolescents for the Prevention of woman abuse and the promotion of health relationships
Thousand Oak: SAGE Publications 1996 0761901949 / 9780761901945 Paperback Very good like a new (Ex-library copy with spine label and stamp) 0.8 x 8.8 x 11.2 inches 
Designed to combat physical and sexual aggression against women and children, this prevention programme manual is based on the premise that the best opportunity for promoting healthy, non-violent relationships is to intervene during adolescence, when peer relationships and interpersonal style become firmly established. The proactive, competency-enhancing programme is designed to build strengths, resilience and coping skills in young people. Carefully developed and tested in the field, the 18-session group training programme that includes three principle sections: informational, skills building, and social action learning opportunities. As a part of the program, teens learn new communication and conflict resolution skills and practice those skills by going out into the community to solve a hypothetical problem situation. 
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WomenScapes, E. J. McFall (ed.).
10 E. J. McFall (ed.). WomenScapes
DLSIJ Press 2006 1932014241 / 9781932014242 1st Paperback New 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches 
"WomanScapes" is a collection of alternative visions written by women, about women. The tales take place on distant planets, once upon a bygone age, in the realm of mythic creatures, and in seemingly ordinary backyards. Each author has created her own unique landscape of the imagination. Each reader must decide for themselves if theyare ready to enter those strange worlds of "Other Where" and "Other When". The "WomanScapes" authors have donated their talent in order to benefit worldwide humanitarian relief efforts. So join them as they spin fourteen very curious tales for one very good cause! 
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Gender and the Information Revolution in Africa, Eva M. Rathgeber (ed.) & Edith Ofwona Adera (ed.).
11 Eva M. Rathgeber (ed.) & Edith Ofwona Adera (ed.). Gender and the Information Revolution in Africa
Ottawa: IDRC 2000 0889369038 / 9780889369030 Paperback New 0.8 x 6.8 x 9.8 inches 
Information is universally acknowledged to be a lynchpin of sustainable and equitable development. In Africa, however, access to information is limited, and especially so for rural women. The new information and communication technologies (ICTs), centered mostly on the Internet, provide potential to redress this imbalance. The essays in this book examine the current and potential impact of the ICT explosion in Africa. They focus specifically on gender issues and analyze the extent to which women’s needs and preferences are being served. 
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Gender Matters from School to Work, Jane Gaskell.
12 Jane Gaskell. Gender Matters from School to Work
Toronto: OISE Press 1992 0774403837 / 9780774403832 Paperback New 23.2 x 16.3 x 1.3 cm 
This book documents an exhibition conceived by the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea in Trento and the MART, Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Trento and Rovereto, Palazzo delle Albere, that inaugurates a new collaborative relationship in support of emerging artists. Eighteen artists were invited by three curators, Fabio Cavallucci, Giovanna Nicoletti and Giorgio Verzotti, to participate in the event by creating a work designed specifically for the exhibition space. Starting with the idea of exploring the distinctions between real and virtual places, the artists in New Italian Space employ a diverse range of languages and tools, each following a unique poetic path. 
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The Secret: Love, Marriage, and HIV, Jennifer S. Hirsch; Holly Wardlow; Daniel Jordan Smith & others.
13 Jennifer S. Hirsch; Holly Wardlow; Daniel Jordan Smith & others. The Secret: Love, Marriage, and HIV
Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt University Press 2009 0826516831 / 9780826516831 Paper back New Not issued 9.8 x 6.9 x 0.9 inches 
For many women around the world, their greatest risk of HIV infection comes from having sex with the very person with whom they are supposed to have sex: their spouse. "The Secret" situates marital HIV risk within a broader exploration of marital and extramarital sexuality in five diverse settings: Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea. In these settings, the authors write, extramarital sex is an officially secret but actually widespread (and widely acknowledged) social practice, rather than something men do because their bodies demand it and women can't stop them. Drawing on research conducted as part of an innovative comparative ethnographic study, and modeling a novel approach to collaborative anthropological scholarship, the authors show extramarital sex to be a fundamental aspect of gendered social organization. Through theoretically sophisticated yet lucid writing and vivid ethnographic description, drawing on rich data from the marital case studies conducted by research teams in each country, they trace how extramarital opportunity structures, sexual geographies, and concerns about social risk facilitate men's participation in extramarital sex. Also documented throughout is the collision between traditional ways and the new practices of romantic companionate marriage. 
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Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex, Work, and Human Rights, Kamala Kempadoo (ed.), Jyoti Sanghera (ed.) & Bandana Pattanaik (ed.).
14 Kamala Kempadoo (ed.), Jyoti Sanghera (ed.) & Bandana Pattanaik (ed.). Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex, Work, and Human Rights
London: Paradigm Publishers 2005 1594510970 / 9781594510977 Paper back Like New (Slight shelf-wear) Not issued 9 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches 
Trafficking and prostitution are widely believed to be synonymous, and to be leading international crimes. This collection argues against such sensationalism and advances carefully considered and grounded alternatives for understanding transnational migrations, forced labor, sex work, and livelihood strategies under new forms of globalization. From their long-term engagements as anti-trafficking advocates, the authors unpack the contemporary international debate on trafficking. They maintain that rather than a new 'white slave trade,' we are witnessing today, more broadly, an increase in the violation of the rights of freedom of movement, decent employment, and social and economic security. Critical examinations of state anti-trafficking interventions, including the US-led War on Trafficking, also reveal links to a broader attack on undocumented migrants, tribal and aboriginal peoples, poor women, men and children, and sex workers. The book sheds new light on everyday circumstances, popular discourses, and strategies for survival under twenty-first century economic and political conditions, with a focus on Asia, but with lessons globally. 
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Reasonable Creatures: Essays on Women and Feminism, Katha Pollitt.
15 Katha Pollitt. Reasonable Creatures: Essays on Women and Feminism
New York: Alfred A. Knopf 1994 039457060X / 9780394570600 1st Hard bound New New 1 x 6 x 8.8 inches 
She writes about sex, children's books, the media, breast implants, the mind of an antiabortionist. She invokes Moby Dick and Gilligan's Island, Lorena Bobbitt and Lysistrata ("the original woman's strike-for-peace-nik"). For more than a decade, in her wonderfully provocative, wittily astute, graceful and gutsy pieces in The Nation, The New Yorker and The New York Times, she has taken the strongest positions on the thorniest moral issues and the most controversial events, from date rape to surrogate motherhood, to violence against women, to the Anita Hill hearings, to fetal rights and mothers' "wrongs." The best of her pieces are gathered here. 
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Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire, Katherine Connelly.
16 Katherine Connelly. Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire
London: Pluto Press 2013 0745333222 / 9780745333229 1st Paper back New 5.1 x 0.5 x 7.8 inches 
From militant suffragette at the beginning of the twentieth century to campaigner against colonialism in Africa after the Second World War, Sylvia Pankhurst dedicated her life to fighting oppression and injustice. In this vivid biography Katherine Connelly examines Pankhurst’s role at the forefront of significant developments in the history of radical politics. She guides us through Pankhurst's construction of a suffragette militancy which put working-class women at the heart of the struggle, her championing of the Bolshevik Revolution and her clandestine attempts to sabotage the actions of the British state, as well as her early identification of the dangers of Fascism. The book explores the dilemmas, debates and often painful personal consequences faced by Pankhurst which were played out in her art, writings and activism. It argues that far from being an advocate of disparate causes, Pankhurst’s campaigns were united by an essential continuity which hold vital lessons for achieving social change. This lively and accessible biography presents Pankhurst as a courageous and inspiring campaigner, of huge relevance to those engaged in social movements today. 
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The Female Thing: Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability, Laura Kipnis.
17 Laura Kipnis. The Female Thing: Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability
New York: Pantheon Books 2006 0375424172 / 9780375424175 1st Hardbound New New 5.8 x 0.9 x 8.5 inches 
In the female psyche nowadays, “contradictions speckle the landscape, like ingrown hairs after a bad bikini wax.” So writes Laura Kipnis, author of the widely acclaimed polemic Against Love. With “the gleeful viperish wit of Dorothy Parker” (Slate), Kipnis now offers a fresh and provocative assessment of the female condition in the post-post-feminist world of the twenty-first century. For every advance toward sexual equality on the part of women in recent years, she argues, some new impediment just “seems” to appear. Ironically, feminism ran up against an unanticipated opponent: the inner woman. An ambitious and original reassessment of feminism and women’s ambivalence about it, The Female Thing brims with bracing and funny social observations informed by psychological acuity. For all the upbeat “You go, girl” slogans, women remain caught between feminism and femininity, between self-affirmation and an endless quest for self-improvement, between playing the injured party and claiming independence. Feminism is bedeviled by the same impasses and contradictions it seeks to rectify. But rather than blaming the usual suspects–men, the media–Kipnis takes a hard look at culprits closer to home, namely women themselves and their complicity in upholding male privilege, even as they resent men deeply for it. Which makes relations between the sexes rather thorny at the moment, and Kipnis serves up the gory details of the mutual displeasure between men and women in painfully hilarious detail. In the tradition of The Feminine Mystique and The Female Eunuch, this is a pathbreaking work. As audacious as it is historically and socially grounded, The Female Thing explores age-old quandaries: the war between the sexes, what women “really” want, and to what extent anatomy is destiny after all. 
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Obsession, with Intent: Violence Against Women, Lee Lakeman.
18 Lee Lakeman. Obsession, with Intent: Violence Against Women
Montreal: Black Rose Books 2005 155164262X / 9781551642628 Paper back New 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches 
Obsession, With Intent is an investigative report into cases of -violence against women; in all cases the women tried to get help from the system. It is a harrowing account of individual women’s stories, their understanding of the danger they faced, their attempts to get help and, in those cases where someone was willing to prosecute, their vulnerability under/within the law. It reviews 911 procedure, from how the emergency operator evaluates the call, to the police (how, or if, they collect evidence), to prosecuting attorney, to court, to sentencing. Among the many narratives are “domestic dispute” cases, sexual assault cases and cases of murder. The landmark decision in the case of Jane Doe, who fought for and won the right to sue the Toronto police force for the way in which they routinely dealt with rape victims, is examined, as are a number of sexual assault cases—some high-profile, some occurring more than 40 years ago. Accounts of the serial killers Bernardo and Picton are chilling, as are the other numerous accounts of impending murder. (As early as 1997 Picton had been charged with confining, and repeatedly stabbing, Wendy Lynn Eisteler, but charges were dropped and Picton released; the prosecutor judged that there was no likelihood of a conviction—the victim was “a drug-addicted prostitute.” Thirty more women would die.) Recognizing that violence against women is one of the strongest indicators of prevailing societal attitudes toward women, Obsession, With Intent screams out for social change regarding violence against women at the individual, the institutional and the political level. 
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Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate, Leila Ahmed.
19 Leila Ahmed. Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate
London: Yale University Press 1993 0300055838 / 9780300055832 Re-issue edition Paperback New 9.2 x 6 x 0.8 inches 
This book presents an historical overview of women and gender in Islam. It is written from a feminist perspective, using the analytic tools of contemporary gender studies. The results of its investigations cast new light on the issues covered. 
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Standing Together: Women Speak Out About Violence and Abuse, Linda Goyette (ed.).
20 Linda Goyette (ed.). Standing Together: Women Speak Out About Violence and Abuse
Brindle & Glass 2005 1897142110 / 9781897142110 1st Paper back New 0.8 x 6.2 x 9.2 inches 
Standing Together is a powerful expression of women's collective and individual strength. It is a collection of personal stories from women who have suffered the horrors of violence and abuse and have made the hardest decision: to stand up, choose life, take control and walk away from the darkness. The disturbing, compelling, and inspiring stories in Standing Together were written by women of all ages, professions, and ethnicities, from rural and urban areas and all social backgrounds; they could be women you know. They tell of abuse at the hands of husbands, boyfriends and partners, fathers and strangers. They tell of deciding to seek help, leaving a life of fear for one of hope. They tell of the family, friends, and strangers that helped them rebuild their lives. Taken together, they form a greater story of hope and inspiration: You are not alone. You can make a change. You can survive this, get through the pain, and build a new life. You have the strength; we have the strength when we stand together. 
Price: 19.95 USD
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