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Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto, Alana Wilcox (ed.); Christina Palassio (ed.) & Dave Meslin (ed.).
1 Alana Wilcox (ed.); Christina Palassio (ed.) & Dave Meslin (ed.). Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto
Toronto: Coach House Books 2010 1552452387 / 9781552452387 1st Paper back New 0.8 x 5 x 8 inches 
Decisions about the things that matter most on a daily basis - our roads and schools and houses - happen at the city level. So, how do we influence these decisions? What motivates ordinary citizens to take action and improve their community? How do neighbours organize together? Does City Hall facilitate engagement, or stand in the way? Local Motion explores how we, as citizens, can make a positive change in our city. Shifting from the 'what' of the previous uTOpia books to 'how,' Local Motion presents an in-depth analysis of civic engagement in Canada's largest city. Essays by fourteen in-the-trenches journalists explain what makes one city, Toronto, tick and stall. They explore electoral reform, civic organizations, zoning, the 'creative city,' budgeting and guerrilla activism. They profile people and groups who've made things happen. They give practical advice on navigating bureaucracy and getting the media's attention. Taken together, these in-depth essays and profiles paint a citizen-focused portrait of a city in transition, offering up myriad examples of how the people who live there help to make their city a better, more humane one. The book features a foreword by Dionne Brand, illustrations by Marlena Zuber, and articles by Bert Archer, Denise Balkissoon, Hamutal Dotan, Jonathan Goldsbie, Kelly Grant, Edward Keenan, Jennifer Lewington, John Lorinc, Jason McBride, Dave Meslin, Christina Palassio, Catherine Porter, Mike Smith and Hannah Sung. 
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Follow Your Heart: Finding Purpose in Your Life and Work, Andrew Matthews.
2 Andrew Matthews. Follow Your Heart: Finding Purpose in Your Life and Work
New York: Price Stern Sloan 1997 0843174919 / 9780843174915 Paper back New Not issued 7 x 0.4 x 9.2 inches 
The concepts in this book ring true with practical, applicable advice, and Matthews's lucid writing and witty stories help bring his message into sharp focus. Follow Your Heart is everything you could ask for in a self-help book. It is about doing what you love, dealing with bills and disasters, discovering your own power, and finding peace of mind. Start down the road to changing your life because as Matthews says: "Our mission in life is not to change the world--our mission is to change ourselves." 
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The Intimate Commodity: Food and the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex in Canada, Anthony Winson.
3 Anthony Winson. The Intimate Commodity: Food and the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex in Canada
Aurora: Garamond Press 1993 0920059198 / 9780920059197 Paperback Like New (Author dedication remarks and sign on first page) 5.9 x 0.5 x 9 inches 
The Intimate Commodity is the first book to examine power and control within the Canadian food economy, and to blend historical scholarship with new empirical research on the topic. The author examines the rise of the agricultural producers and agrarian movements, and the shift in the balance of power to major food manufacturing consortia and retail food chains. In addition, the social and human impact of these changes during the era of free trade and global economic restructuring are a major component of the work. 
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A Different Road: A Memoir, Arthur Labatt.
4 Arthur Labatt. A Different Road: A Memoir
Toronto: BPS Books 2012 9781827483282 Hardbound New New 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches 
At times during his early years, Arthur Labatt felt like an observer of his own life: What was he supposed to do next? Where would his decisions take him? How would it all turn out? Labatt was born into privilege, the youngest child of John Sackville Labatt, who, with his brother, Hugh, ran the family-owned brewery John Labatt Limited in London, Ontario. Arthur spent his youth looking forward to, and enjoying, summers at Port Stanley on Lake Erie and Camp Ahmek in Algonquin Park. He was only vaguely aware of the shadow cast over his family by the famous kidnapping of his father in 1934. His education, however, took him on a decidedly zigzag itinerary through an assortment of Roman Catholic and public schools. And by the time it was his turn to join Labatt's, his father had died, the firm was on its way to being sold, and he had taken a detour from his studies at McGill University, becoming a chartered accountant under the auspices of Clarkson, Gordon & Company. Things began to make more sense to him after a period of career moves at Clarkson's and then investment dealer McLeod Young Weir. After four years in Paris selling Canadian securities to institutional investors in Europe for MYW, he got his feet wet in the insurance and trust industries and then, with portfolio manager Bob Krembil and mutual fund salesman Michael Axford, started a mutual fund company, Trimark Investment Management Inc., which they eventually sold to U.K.-based AMVESCAP (now called Invesco). Throughout these years, Labatt and his wife, Sonia, and their three children lived in ten different homes in Toronto, Montreal, and Paris and travelled the world. The couple now spend most of their time at their homes in Toronto and Tucson, contributing time, energy, and resources into major charitable projects, including the Hospital for Sick Children, St. Michael's Hospital, Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and L'Arche. 
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Aspects of Language and Culture (Chandler & Sharp publications in anthropology), Carol M. Eastman.
5 Carol M. Eastman. Aspects of Language and Culture (Chandler & Sharp publications in anthropology)
Novato: Chandler & Sharp 1985 0883165147 / 9780883165140 4th printing Paperback Very good (Few pages have slight highlighting) 8.9 x 6 x 0.4 inches 
This book presents a systematic survey of how past and present linguistic and anthropological approaches to the study of human behavioral systems are related. It is intended to be useful to both beginning linguists and anthropologists. Five areas which figure prominently in both linguistic and anthropological investigation are discussed. ● Descriptive linguistics ● Structuralism and Transformationalism ● Comparative method ● Language and Culture ● Sociolinguistics 
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Mistakes Were Made (but not by me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts, Carol Tavris & Elliot Aronson.
6 Carol Tavris & Elliot Aronson. Mistakes Were Made (but not by me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts
Orlando: Harcourt 2008 0156033909 / 9780156033909 1st Paper back New 13.5 x 2.2 x 20.3 cm 
Why do people dodge responsibility when things fall apart? Why the parade of public figures unable to own up when they screw up? Why the endless marital quarrels over who is right? Why can we see hypocrisy in others but not in ourselves? Are we all liars? Or do we really believe the stories we tell? Renowned social psychologists Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson take a compelling look into how the brain is wired for self-justification. When we make mistakes, we must calm the cognitive dissonance that jars our feelings of self-worth. And so we create fictions that absolve us of responsibility, restoring our belief that we are smart, moral, and right—a belief that often keeps us on a course that is dumb, immoral, and wrong. Backed by years of research and delivered in lively, energetic prose, Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me) offers a fascinating explanation of self-deception—how it works, the harm it can cause, and how we can overcome it. 
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Passings: Death, Dying, and Unexplained Phenomena, Carole A Travis-Henikoff.
7 Carole A Travis-Henikoff. Passings: Death, Dying, and Unexplained Phenomena
Santa Monica: Santa Monica Press 2010 1595800484 / 9781595800480 Hard bound New New 15.2 x 3.2 x 23.5 cm 
From dream research and global belief systems to such unexplained phenomena as bright lights, prescient dreams, near-death and out-of-body experiences, Passings delves into every aspect of the end of life. Taking a scientific and anthropological approach, Carole A. Travis-Henikoff looks at how other cultures deal with death, how diverse kinds of death are treated differently, and how belief systems set the tone for grieving. In addition to the use of science and anthropology, Travis-Henikoff includes both her own personal experiences with the end of life as well as the stories of others who help illustrate the striking realities of passing. Beginning with the many deaths that occurred during Travis-Henikoff's childhood, Passings moves into an up-close-and-personal look at the tragic three-and-a-half-year period when Travis-Henikoff lost her father, husband, grandmother, mother, and daughter. By combining the personal, the scientific, and the unexplained, Passings offers a comprehensive investigation into the end of life that allows readers to both examine their own individual beliefs about the subject and to gain a better understanding about how we as a species cope with death and dying. 
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Barren States: The Population
8 Carrie B. Douglass (ed.). Barren States: The Population "Implosion" in Europe
Oxford: Berg 2005 1845200497 / 9781845200497 Paper back New 6.1 x 0.6 x 9.2 inches 
The fertility rate has dramatically declined across Europe in recent years. Globally over 64 countries have fallen below generation replacement levels and countries in eastern and southern Europe are registering the lowest birth rates in history. These developments could have serious repercussions for society and public policy--from a projected drastic loss of national population numbers to labor shortages and a swelling population of people over 65. This timely book investigates how people experience what is called .low fertility.. How do people understand their choices and the perceived limitations on their lives? What is the meaning of motherhood for women today? And what does this tendency toward fewer births mean those who ultimately become demographic statistics? 
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Toward Improving Canada's Skilled Immigration Policy: An Evaluation Approach (Policy study 45), Charles M. Beach; Alan G. Green & Christopher Worswick.
9 Charles M. Beach; Alan G. Green & Christopher Worswick. Toward Improving Canada's Skilled Immigration Policy: An Evaluation Approach (Policy study 45)
Toronto: C D Howe Institute 2012 0888068522 / 9780888068521 Paper back New 1.3 x 15.2 x 23.5 cm 
Canada's approach to immigration has faced major challenges in recent years. Among them: the gap between earnings of recent immigrants in Canada and their Canadian-born contemporaries has been growing, and the time it takes to close the gap has been lengthening. What has gone wrong? What to do about it? The authors provide a panoramic view of shifts in Canada's skilled-immigration policies and the strengths and weaknesses of the points system used to screen new arrivals. They identify the policy levers that affects the attributes and success rates of new arrivals and break new ground in providing a tool by which to measure those impacts. Essential reading for all who care about the tough questions of immigration policy. 
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Social Construction of Diversity: Recasting the Master Narrative of Industrial Nations, Christiane Harzig(ed.); Danielle Juteau (ed.) & Irina Schmitt (ed.).
10 Christiane Harzig(ed.); Danielle Juteau (ed.) & Irina Schmitt (ed.). Social Construction of Diversity: Recasting the Master Narrative of Industrial Nations
New York: Berghahn Books 2003 1571813756 / 9781571813756 illustrated edition Hard bound New Not issued 1.9 x 15.2 x 22.9 cm 
Though the composition of the populace of industrial nations has changed dramatically since the 1950s, public discourse and scholarship, however, often remain welded to traditional concepts of national cultures, ignoring the multicultural realities of most of today's western societies. Through detailed studies, this volume shows how the diversity affects the personal lives of individuals, how it shapes and changes private, national and international relations and to what extent institutions and legal systems are confronted with changing demands from a more culturally diverse clientele. Far from being an external factor of society, this volume shows, diversity has become an integral part of people's lives, affecting their personal, institutional, and economic interaction. 
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The Social Context of Ageing: A Textbook of Gerontology, Christina Victor.
11 Christina Victor. The Social Context of Ageing: A Textbook of Gerontology
London: Routledge 2005 0415221404 / 9780415221405 1st Paper back Used-very good (nearly fine) Not issued 0.8 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches Some of the pages have highlighting.
This comprehensive text focuses on the social contexts of ageing, looking at the diversity of ageing and older people, and at different factors that are important to experiences of old age and ageing. It includes key chapters on: theoretical and methodological bases for the study of ageing demographic context of the 'ageing' population health and illness family and social networks formal and informal care and other services for older people. Providing an invaluable introduction to the major issues involved in the study of ageing, this book is essential reading for students of sociology, gerontology, social policy, health and social care, and professionals working with older people. 
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The Power of Paper: A History, a Financial Adventure and a Warning, Christopher Ondaatje.
12 Christopher Ondaatje. The Power of Paper: A History, a Financial Adventure and a Warning
Toronto: Harper Collins 2006 0002008602 / 9780002008600 1st Hard bound New New 6.5 x 1.1 x 9.6 inches Author autograph on title page.
This is the story of how paper built the modern world-and may yet destroy it. Christopher Ondaatje's warning comes from someone with almost half a century's experience in the world of finance, and demands to be taken seriously. The entire text of this extraordinary book is persuasive, but the chapter titled "Warning from history: The abuse of paper" is as significant a piece of economic writing. It is relevant to anyone who takes business, investments, economics, the future, our irreversible destinies at all seriously. 
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The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options, Daniel D. Chiras.
13 Daniel D. Chiras. The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options
Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing 2004 1931498164 / 9781931498166 Paper back New Not issued 8 x 0.8 x 10 inches 
Shelter, like many other elements of human existence, comes at an extraordinary cost to our planet and its inhabitants. In the U.S. alone, construction of 1.2 million new homes a year results in a massive drain on Earth's natural resource base. Today, nearly 60 percent of all timber cut in the U.S. is used in building houses, not to mention construction wastes and the huge amounts of resources used in the day-to-day operation of the "modern" household. In addition to environmental costs, there are the personal economic costs—the thousands of dollars each homeowner spends each year to heat, cool, and power our homes. Today, a new generation of architects and builders is emerging, intent on creating homes that meet human needs for shelter while causing only a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional housing. The New Ecological Home provides an overview of green building techniques, materials, products, and technologies that are either currently available or will be in the near future. Author Daniel Chiras provides a wealth of up-to-date, practical information for home buyers, owner-builders, and anyone interested in building for a sustainable future. Included are chapters on: The Healthy House Green Building Materials Wood-Wise Construction Energy Efficiency Earth-Sheltered Architecture Passive Solar Heating and Passive Cooling Green Power: Electricity from the Sun and Wind Water and Waste: Sustainable Approaches Environmental Landscaping 
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Heavy Traffic: Deregulation, Trade, and Transformation in North American Trucking, Daniel Madar.
14 Daniel Madar. Heavy Traffic: Deregulation, Trade, and Transformation in North American Trucking
Vancouver: UBC Press 2000 0774807695 / 9780774807692 1st Hardbound New Not issued 2.5 x 16.5 x 23.5 cm 
Canada and the United States exchange the world's highest level of bilateral trade, valued at $1.4 billion a day. Two-thirds of this trade travels on trucks. Heavy Traffic examines the way in which the regulatory reform of American and Canadian trucking, coupled with free trade, has internationalized this vital industry. Before deregulation, restrictive entry rules had fostered two separate national highway transportation markets, and most international traffic had to be exchanged at the border. When the United States deregulated first, the imbalance between its opened market and Canada's still-restricted one produced a surprisingly difficult bilateral dispute. American deregulation was motivated by domestic incentives, but the subsequent Canadian deregulation blended domestic incentives with transborder rate comparisons and concerns about trade competitiveness. Daniel Madar shows that deregulation created a de facto regime of free trade in trucking services. Removing regulatory barriers has enabled Canadian and American carriers to follow the expansion of transborder traffic that began with the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement and continues with NAFTA. The services available with deregulated trucking have also supported sweeping changes in industrial logistics. As transborder traffic has surged, the two countries' carriers -- from billion-dollar corporations to family firms -- have exploited the latitude provided by deregulation. This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the policy processes and economic conditions that led to trucking deregulation. As a study in public policy formation and the international effects of reform, it will be of interest to students and scholars of political economy, international relations, and transportation. 
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The Youth Relationships Manual: A Group Approach with Adolescents for the Prevention of woman abuse and the promotion of health relationships, David A. Wolfe...[et al.].
15 David A. Wolfe...[et al.]. The Youth Relationships Manual: A Group Approach with Adolescents for the Prevention of woman abuse and the promotion of health relationships
Thousand Oak: SAGE Publications 1996 0761901949 / 9780761901945 Paperback Very good like a new (Ex-library copy with spine label and stamp) 0.8 x 8.8 x 11.2 inches 
Designed to combat physical and sexual aggression against women and children, this prevention programme manual is based on the premise that the best opportunity for promoting healthy, non-violent relationships is to intervene during adolescence, when peer relationships and interpersonal style become firmly established. The proactive, competency-enhancing programme is designed to build strengths, resilience and coping skills in young people. Carefully developed and tested in the field, the 18-session group training programme that includes three principle sections: informational, skills building, and social action learning opportunities. As a part of the program, teens learn new communication and conflict resolution skills and practice those skills by going out into the community to solve a hypothetical problem situation. 
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How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, David Bornstein.
16 David Bornstein. How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas
New York: Oxford University Press 2004 0195138058 / 9780195138054 1st Hardbound Like New Like New (Signs of slight shelf wearing; Price clipped) 9.5 x 1.1 x 6.3 inches 
What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change. They are, writes David Bornstein, the driven, creative individuals who question the status quo, exploit new opportunities, refuse to give up--and remake the world for the better. How to Change the World tells the fascinating stories of these remarkable individuals--many in the United States, others in countries from Brazil to Hungary--providing an In Search of Excellence for the nonprofit sector. In America, one man, J.B. Schramm, has helped thousands of low-income high school students get into college. In South Africa, one woman, Veronica Khosa, developed a home-based care model for AIDS patients that changed government health policy. In Brazil, Fabio Rosa helped bring electricity to hundreds of thousands of remote rural residents. Another American, James Grant, is credited with saving 25 million lives by leading and 'marketing' a global campaign for immunization. Yet another, Bill Drayton, created a pioneering foundation, Ashoka, that has funded and supported these social entrepreneurs and over a thousand like them, leveraging the power of their ideas across the globe. These extraordinary stories highlight a massive transformation that is going largely unreported by the media: Around the world, the fastest-growing segment of society is the nonprofit sector, as millions of ordinary people--social entrepreneurs--are increasingly stepping in to solve the problems where governments and bureaucracies have failed. How to Change the World shows, as its title suggests, that with determination and innovation, even a single person can make a surprising difference. For anyone seeking to make a positive mark on the world, this will be both an inspiring read and an invaluable handbook. 
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In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity, David Brog.
17 David Brog. In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity
New York: Encounter Books 2010 1594033803 / 9781594033803 Hard bound New New 1.5 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches 
Religious faith is under assault. In books, movies, and on television, secular critics are attacking religion and the religious with ever-increasing intensity. These "new atheists" typically repeat a two-part mantra: They claim that only an idiot could believe in God, and that idiots who do so have been responsible for most of the hate and violence that have plagued humanity. Abandon religion, they urge, and the world will finally know peace. Surprisingly few books have emerged to defend faith from this onslaught. Yet when it comes to this second argument-the behavior of religious people in the world-abstract claims can be tested by reference to objective facts. In Defense of Faith examines the historical record and demonstrates that far from encouraging hate and aggression, the Judeo-Christian tradition has been the West's most effective curb on these dangerous defects of human nature. In Defense of Faith asserts that the belief in the sanctity and equality of all humans at the core of both Judaism and Christianity-what Brog calls the "Judeo-Christian idea"-has been our most effective tool in the struggle for humanity. The Judeo-Christian idea, Brog argues, has provided the intellectual foundation for human rights. Even more importantly, he maintains, the Judeo-Christian idea has repeatedly inspired the faithful to devote their lives to, and often risk their lives in, the fulfillment of these high ideals. In Defense of Faith also convincingly demonstrates that when we abandon religion as the critics urge, peace does not break out. Instead, we quickly revert to the most base instincts of our selfish genes. Written by a Jewish author who works closely with the Christian faith community, In Defense of Faith will appeal to secular and religious readers alike. This book will challenge the secular to reconsider the role of religion in Western civilization. It will inspire the religious to embrace a proud legacy of faith in action for the sake of humanity. 
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From naked ape to superspecies: A personal perspective on humanity and the global eco-crisis, David Suzuki.
18 David Suzuki. From naked ape to superspecies: A personal perspective on humanity and the global eco-crisis
Toronto: Stoddart 1999 0773731946 / 9780773731943 1st Hard bound New New 9.3 x 6.4 x 1.2 inches Author's sign on first page.
Human beings have acquired enormous technological muscle power, and - coupled with our numbers and our soaring consumption - we are now having an impact on the planet that no other species has ever had. We are trying to dominate nature, but we are still part of it. Foresight has always been a key to our survival and we have never needed it more than we do now. As we look ahead to an uncertain future, we have to examine some of our most cherished notions, like the ability of science to give us the power to manage nature, the benefits and hazards of genetic engineering, the real impact of information explosion, and the need to keep the global economy growing forever. As you will hear in the programs, despite the sophistication of our technology, we remain biological beings, animals, inextricably embedded in the natural world. We must redefine progress and find ways to live in balance with each other and nature. Produced at the state of the art recording studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Approximate Duration 4 Hours 
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Making Work, Making Trouble: Prostitution as a Social Problem, Deborah Brock.
19 Deborah Brock. Making Work, Making Trouble: Prostitution as a Social Problem
Toronto: University of Toronto Press 1998 0802079350 / 9780802079350 1st Paperback Like New 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches 
Why have our efforts to 'clean up' prostitution failed? Even new programs, such as 'John Schools' for customers and training in life skills for service providers, have been ineffective. Deborah Brock asks if our approach to prostitution is fundamentally flawed. We generally think of it as a social problem, but prostitutes see it as a work relation. Anti-prostitution campaigns and attempts to regulate the sex trade have been made and re-made over the past few decades. In the 1970s and 1980s urban development and new policing strategies displaced workers from established prostitution strolls. Movements for social and sexual liberation turned the business of selling sex into a complex political issue. The Canadian state was confronted with a range of regulatory approaches, advocated by competing interest groups. Deborah Brock examines how prostitution in Canada has been produced as a social problem. Contending that 'social problems do not exist objectively,' Brock interprets the role of various actors in mounting the urban sex trade spectacle: the media, feminist organizations, rights advocates, residents' groups, and state agents and agencies such as the police, politicians, the courts, and government commissions. Making Work, Making Trouble is the first critical survey of prostitution in Canada. It provides much needed context to all groups enmeshed in the melTe over territory and rights and should become a standard source in Canadian criminology. 
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Mad Cows and Mother's Milk: The Perils of Poor Risk Communication, Douglas Powell & William Leiss.
20 Douglas Powell & William Leiss. Mad Cows and Mother's Milk: The Perils of Poor Risk Communication
Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press 1997 0773516190 / 9780773516199 Paper back Like New Not issued 2.5 x 15.9 x 23.5 cm 
The first case study deals with the mad cow fiasco of 1996, one of the most expensive and tragic examples of poor risk management in the last twenty-five years. For ten years the British government failed to acknowledge the possibility of a link between mad cow disease and Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human equivalent, until increased scientific evidence and public pressure forced them to take action, resulting in the slaughter of more than one million cattle. The second study looks at what is commonly known as hamburger disease, caused by a virulent form of the E. coli bacterium, which has struck thousands and killed over thirty people in the last few years. Despite its widespread effects, it is unclear whether scientific knowledge on preventing the disease is reaching the public. Other case studies include the use of a genetically engineered hormone to increase milk production in cows, health risks associated with silicone breast implants, public controversies surrounding dioxins and PCBs, and the introduction of agricultural biotechnology. These case studies show that institutions routinely fail to communicate the scientific basis of various high-profile risks. These failures to inform the public make it difficult for governments, industry, and society to manage risk controversies sensibly and often result in massive costs. With its detailed analyses of specific risk management controversies, Mad Cows and Mother's Milk will help us avoid future mistakes. 
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