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Road to Valour: A True Story of World War II Italy, the Nazis, and the Cyclist Who Inspired a Nation, Aili McConnon & Andres McConnon.
1 Aili McConnon & Andres McConnon. Road to Valour: A True Story of World War II Italy, the Nazis, and the Cyclist Who Inspired a Nation
Toronto: Doubleday Canada 2012 0385669488 / 9780385669481 1st Hardbound New New 16.8 x 3.1 x 24.1 cm 
Road to Valour is the inspiring, against-the-odds story of Gino Bartali, the cyclist who made the greatest comeback in Tour de France history and, between his Tour victories, secretly aided the Italian resistance during World War II. Gino Bartali is best known as an Italian cycling legend: the man who not only won the Tour de France twice, but also holds the record for the longest time span between victories. During the ten years that separated his hard-won triumphs, his actions, both on and off the racecourse, ensured him a permanent place in Italian hearts and minds. In Road to Valour, Aili and Andres McConnon chronicle Bartali’s journey, starting in impoverished rural Tuscany where a scrawny, mischievous boy painstakingly saves his money to buy a bicycle and before long, is racking up wins throughout the country. At the age of 24, he stuns the world by winning the Tour de France and becomes an international sports icon. But Mussolini’s Fascists try to hijack his victory for propaganda purposes, derailing Bartali’s career, and as the Nazis occupy Italy, Bartali undertakes secret and dangerous activities to help those being targeted. He shelters a family of Jews in an apartment he financed with his cycling winnings and smuggles counterfeit identity documents hidden in his bicycle past Fascist and Nazi checkpoints because the soldiers recognize him as a national hero in training. After the grueling wartime years, Bartali fights to rebuild his career as Italy emerges from the rubble. In 1948, the stakes are raised when midway through the Tour de France, an assassination attempt in Rome sparks nationwide political protests and riots. Despite numerous setbacks and a legendary snowstorm in the Alps, the chain-smoking, Chianti-loving, 34-year-old underdog comes back and wins the most difficult endurance competition on earth. Bartali’s inspiring performance helps unite his fractured homeland and restore pride and spirit to a country still reeling from war and despair. Set in Italy and France against the turbulent backdrop of an unforgiving sport and threatening politics, Road to Valour is the breathtaking account of one man’s unsung heroism and his resilience in the face of adversity. Based on nearly ten years of research in Italy, France, and Israel, including interviews with Bartali’s family, former teammates, a Holocaust survivor Bartali saved, and many others, Road to Valour is the first book ever written about Bartali in English and the only book written in any language to fully explore the scope of Bartali’s wartime work. An epic tale of courage, comeback, and redemption, it is the untold story of one of the greatest athletes of the twentieth century. 
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Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto, Alana Wilcox (ed.); Christina Palassio (ed.) & Dave Meslin (ed.).
2 Alana Wilcox (ed.); Christina Palassio (ed.) & Dave Meslin (ed.). Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto
Toronto: Coach House Books 2010 1552452387 / 9781552452387 1st Paper back New 0.8 x 5 x 8 inches 
Decisions about the things that matter most on a daily basis - our roads and schools and houses - happen at the city level. So, how do we influence these decisions? What motivates ordinary citizens to take action and improve their community? How do neighbours organize together? Does City Hall facilitate engagement, or stand in the way? Local Motion explores how we, as citizens, can make a positive change in our city. Shifting from the 'what' of the previous uTOpia books to 'how,' Local Motion presents an in-depth analysis of civic engagement in Canada's largest city. Essays by fourteen in-the-trenches journalists explain what makes one city, Toronto, tick and stall. They explore electoral reform, civic organizations, zoning, the 'creative city,' budgeting and guerrilla activism. They profile people and groups who've made things happen. They give practical advice on navigating bureaucracy and getting the media's attention. Taken together, these in-depth essays and profiles paint a citizen-focused portrait of a city in transition, offering up myriad examples of how the people who live there help to make their city a better, more humane one. The book features a foreword by Dionne Brand, illustrations by Marlena Zuber, and articles by Bert Archer, Denise Balkissoon, Hamutal Dotan, Jonathan Goldsbie, Kelly Grant, Edward Keenan, Jennifer Lewington, John Lorinc, Jason McBride, Dave Meslin, Christina Palassio, Catherine Porter, Mike Smith and Hannah Sung. 
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Gender and Authority in Sixteenth-Century England, Amanda Shephard.
3 Amanda Shephard. Gender and Authority in Sixteenth-Century England
Staffordshire: Keele University Press 1994 1853310557 / 9781853310553 1st Paper back Like New. Couple of pages have little underlining; 4-5 pages only. Not issued 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches 
Shephard examines attitudes toward women in early modern England in the writings of John Knox and his opponents. Her analysis of the ideas of leading Catholic noblemen challenges the view that Protestantism improved the status of women, and shows that the most radical ideas about women's right to participate in public life are to be found within the aristocracy. 
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The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are, Andrew Cohen.
4 Andrew Cohen. The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 2007 077102181X / 9780771021817 1st Hard bound New New 22.3 x 15.3 x 2.3 cm 
The award-winning, bestselling author of While Canada Slept gives his view of a country wasted on Canadians. What is national character? What makes the Americans, the British, the French, the Russians, and the Chinese who they are? In this homogenized world, where globalization is a byword for a deadening sameness, why do peoples who live in the same region, use the same money, read the same books, and watch the same movies remain different from one another? As much as Canada may be seen as a copy, clone, or colony of America, we are unquestionably distinctive. It is a result of our geography, history, and politics. It comes from our demography and prosperity. Most of all, it comes from our character. In The Unfinished Canadian, Andrew Cohen delves into our past and present in search of our defining national characteristics. He questions hoary shibboleths, soothing mythologies, and old saws with irreverence, humour, and flintiness, unencumbered by our proverbial politeness (itself a great misperception) and our suffocating political correctness. We are so much, in so many shades, and it’s time we took an honest look at ourselves. In this provocative, passionate, and elegant book, Cohen argues that our mythology, our jealousy, our complacency, our apathy, our amnesia, and our moderation are all part of the unbearable lightness of being Canadian. 
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Through A Classical Eye: Transcultural & Transhistorical Visions in Medieval English, Italian, and Latin Literature in Honour of Winthrop Wetherbee, Andrew Galloway & R.F. Yeager.
5 Andrew Galloway & R.F. Yeager. Through A Classical Eye: Transcultural & Transhistorical Visions in Medieval English, Italian, and Latin Literature in Honour of Winthrop Wetherbee
Toronto: University of Toronto Press 2009 0802099173 / 9780802099174 Hard bound New New 15.9 x 3.7 x 24 cm 
As students and scholars of Boccaccio, Chaucer, and Dante know, late medieval writers were influenced greatly by the work of peers that crossed historical, national, cultural, linguistic boundaries. Through a Classical Eye contains first-rate essays that demonstrate a range of strategies for undertaking transcultural and transhistorical studies of the late medieval period, and examines medieval literature and culture where English, Italian, and Latin materials overlap. Written in honour of the groundbreaking contributions that Winthrop Wetherbee made to this growing area of study, the volume's contributors advance his legacy and add to the burgeoning interest in setting medieval literary studies into wide intellectual and historical horizons. Divided into three illuminating sections on Medieval Latin authorship, Italy and the world, and England and beyond, and including a personal reminiscence of Wetherbee by the noted novelist Robert Morgan, Through a Classical Eye is an outstanding collection that provides key insights into medieval literature and culture. 
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Beyond National Dreams: Essays on Canadian Citizenship and Nationalism, Andrew Nurse & Raymond Blake.
6 Andrew Nurse & Raymond Blake. Beyond National Dreams: Essays on Canadian Citizenship and Nationalism
Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2009 1550419692 / 9781550419696 Paper back Like New (Slight shelf wearing) 15.2 x 2.5 x 22.9 cm 
The fourteen essays in this specially commissioned collection explore the ongoing debate, "the national narrative" about the character and objectives of Canada as a nation state. They address matters of national concern, including Canada's place in world affairs, the evolving characteristics of Canadian nationalism, the structure of material life during the revolution in advanced communications, the changing nature of citizenship and the implications of ethnic diversity and national loyalties for the Canadian polity. Writers come from a variety of disciplines, bringing their own scholarly approaches and often unique perspectives to issues of common concern. The questions raised in this book have a long shelf life in Canadian intellectual dialogue but they are also timely in the post 9/11 environment in which what it means to be "Canadian" is sometimes a matter of life and death. Contributors include Robert Cupido, Brian and Geraint Osborne, Stephane Levesque, Nicole Gallant, Andrew Nurse, Raymond Blake, Judy Bates, Jane Ku, Cameron Bodnar Manju Varma, Sarah Wayland and Hector MacKenzie. 
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The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves, Andrew Potter.
7 Andrew Potter. The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 2010 0771071051 / 9780771071058 1st Hard bound New New 6.2 x 1.1 x 9.3 inches Author's remarks and sign on first page.
We live in a world increasingly dominated by the fake, the prepackaged, the artificial: fast food, scripted reality TV shows, Facebook "friends," and fraudulent memoirs. But people everywhere are demanding the exact opposite, heralding "authenticity" as the cure for isolated individualism and shallow consumerism. Restaurants promote the authenticity of their cuisine, while condo developers promote authentic loft living and book reviewers regularly praise the authenticity of a new writer's voice. International bestselling author Andrew Potter brilliantly unpacks our modern obsession with authenticity. In this perceptive and thought-provoking blend of pop culture, history, and philosophy, he finds that far from serving as a refuge from modern living, the search for authenticity often creates the very problems it's meant to solve. 
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My Jerusalem: Secular Adventures in the Holy City, Bronwyn Drainie.
8 Bronwyn Drainie. My Jerusalem: Secular Adventures in the Holy City
Toronto: Doubleday Canada 1994 0385254741 / 9780385254748 ` Hard bound New New 3.8 x 16.5 x 24.1 cm 
My Jerusalem begins with the preparation for and arrival in the Middle East. Bronwyn, her husband Patrick Martin and their two boys went there because Patrick was asked by the Globe and Mail to become its first Middle East correspondent. Living right on the Green Line between Arabs and Israelis, Bronwyn had to get her children settled in a new school and learn how to behave, react, drive, cook, and dress on the cusp of two unfamiliar and historically antagonistic cultures. She also had to struggle with Hebrew, and adjust to a major change in her professional identity as a writer. From this unique perspective, she was able to capture the charming and engaging side of Jerusalem life, along with the curious, the provocative, and the horrible. An independent woman coping with restrictive cultures on all sides, she was able to make meaningful contact with people in both communities while maintaining the journalistic distance needed to trustworthy observation. Out of her rich two years' experience, Drainie has woven a highly readable narrative that will appeal not only to those who avidly follow events in the region but also to readers whose eyes normally glaze over when they hear the words "the Middle East." 
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The Classics: All You Need to Know, from Zeus's Throne to the Fall of Rome, Caroline Taggart.
9 Caroline Taggart. The Classics: All You Need to Know, from Zeus's Throne to the Fall of Rome
Montreal: Readers Digest 2010 1606521322 / 9781606521328 Hard bound New Not issued 13.5 x 1.9 x 20.3 cm 
It's no myth: this lively refresher course fills in all you need to know about ancient studies-from Zeus's throne to the fall of Rome-in pithy little quips. It covers the impressive advances made by Greek and Roman societies, from language to medicine, from art to architecture. You'll learn: The Greek alphabet, from alpha to omega The history and characteristics that define Greek and Roman architecture and its influence on modern building Greek and Latin words, which make up more than 30 percent of the words in the English language, and how you can build your vocabulary by learning the roots The Greek and Roman gods, the mythology surrounding them, and the part these figures play in our culture Almost 1,000 years of Greek and Roman history, from the birth of democracy to Caesar's empire The philosophies taught by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and what their ideas have contributed to the world we live in today How modern cultural staples such as the Olympics were formed by classical literature written by authors such as Homer and Cicero A fascinating introduction to the world that became the foundation for Western Civilization, The Classics puts the same information from stuffy textbooks at your fingertips in one entertaining read. Make this and all of the Blackboard Books(tm) a permanent fixture on your shelf, and you'll have instant access to a breadth of knowledge. Whether you need homework help or want to win that trivia game, this series is the trusted source for fun facts. 
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Barren States: The Population
10 Carrie B. Douglass (ed.). Barren States: The Population "Implosion" in Europe
Oxford: Berg 2005 1845200497 / 9781845200497 Paper back New 6.1 x 0.6 x 9.2 inches 
The fertility rate has dramatically declined across Europe in recent years. Globally over 64 countries have fallen below generation replacement levels and countries in eastern and southern Europe are registering the lowest birth rates in history. These developments could have serious repercussions for society and public policy--from a projected drastic loss of national population numbers to labor shortages and a swelling population of people over 65. This timely book investigates how people experience what is called .low fertility.. How do people understand their choices and the perceived limitations on their lives? What is the meaning of motherhood for women today? And what does this tendency toward fewer births mean those who ultimately become demographic statistics? 
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The Morning After: The 1995 Quebec Referendum and the Day that Almost Was, Chantal Hebert & Jean Lapierre.
11 Chantal Hebert & Jean Lapierre. The Morning After: The 1995 Quebec Referendum and the Day that Almost Was
Toronto: Knopf Canada 2014 0345807626 / 9780345807625 1st Hardbound New New 5.8 x 1.1 x 8.5 inches 
A sly, insightful and wonderfully original book from one of Canada's most popular political analysts, Chantal Hébert, and one of Quebec's top political broadcasters, Jean Lapierre. Only the most fearless of political journalists would dare to open the old wounds of the 1995 Quebec referendum, a still-murky episode in Canadian history that continues to defy our understanding. The referendum brought one of the world's most successful democracies to the brink of the unknown, and yet Quebecers' attitudes toward sovereignty continue to baffle the country's political class. Interviewing 17 key political leaders from the duelling referendum camps, Hébert and Lapierre begin with a simple premise: asking what were these political leaders' plans if the vote had gone the other way. Even 2 decades later, their answers may shock you. And in asking an unexpected question, these veteran political observers cleverly expose the fractures, tensions and fears that continue to shape Canada today. 
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The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a Country, Charlotte Gray.
12 Charlotte Gray. The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a Country
Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers 2013 1443409235 / 9781443409230 1st Hardbound New New 16.5 x 3.2 x 23.5 cm 
A Globe & Mail 100 Selection and longlisted for the 2014 RBC Taylor Prize! A scandalous crime, a sensational trial, a surprise verdict―the true story of Carrie Davies, the maid who shot a Massey In February 1915, a member of one of Canada’s wealthiest families was shot and killed on the front porch of his home in Toronto as he was returning from work. Carrie Davies, an 18-year-old domestic servant, quickly confessed. But who was the victim here? Charles “Bert” Massey, a scion of a famous family, or the frightened, perhaps mentally unstable Carrie, a penniless British immigrant? When the brilliant lawyer Hartley Dewart, QC, took on her case, his grudge against the powerful Masseys would fuel a dramatic trial that pitted the old order against the new, wealth and privilege against virtue and honest hard work. Set against a backdrop of the Great War in Europe and the changing faceof a nation, this sensational crime is brought to vivid life for the first time. As in her previous bestselling book, Gold Diggers―now in production as a Discovery Television miniseries―multi-award-winning historian and biographer Charlotte Gray has created a captivating narrative rich in detail and brimming with larger-than-life personalities, as she shines alight on a central moment in our past. 
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The Second Messiah: Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry, Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.
13 Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas. The Second Messiah: Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry
Gloucester: Fair Winds Press 2005 1592331580 / 9781592331581 Reprint Hard bound Very good (Nearly fine) Very good (Nearly fine) 9.1 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches 
For almost seven and half centuries a piece of cloth was venerated because it bore the image of the crucified Christ, but results of carbon dating have shown that the fabric could not have pre-dated 1260. Now new evidence conclusively proves that it is not a fake...yet neither is it the image of Jesus Christ. In the follow-up to their ground-breaking first book, 'The Hiram Key', Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas continue their research into the mysteries of Freemasonary and the true historical Jesus, and uncover the precise time and place of the shroud's creation. Using the latest scientific techniques they explain the strange molecular chemistry that created this unique artifact, and in solving the riddle of the shroud, they unravel a far greater mystery: how the shroud links directly to Jesus. The answer to the great mystery of the Shroud of Turin will surprise and astonish as the authors unlock the secrets of abandoned Freemason rituals and the man who would be called the Second Messiah! 
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The prime ministers of Canada: Macdonald to Mulroney, 1867-1985, Christopher Ondaatje.
14 Christopher Ondaatje. The prime ministers of Canada: Macdonald to Mulroney, 1867-1985
Toronto: Pagurian Press 1985 0889321256 / 9780889321250 1st Paperback New 
The eighteen men who have been prime ministers of Canada since Confederation have been astonishingly different in background, character, their route to power, and in the impact they made in their own time and on ours. Some are etched in the national memory, such as Sir John A. Macdonald, the brilliant, bibulous, visionary leader who can be called the father of the country, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier, whose "sunny ways" led the country through its great flowering at the turn of the century. Others are fascinating in their ambiguous reputations - for example Mackenzied King, whose stodgy manner disguised a brilliantly manipulative politician determined to retain power and to preserve the country's unity. Others still are nearly forgotten, like the undeniably inadequate Sir Mackenzie Bowell, and the able, but disastrously uncompromising Arther Meighen. All these men from Macdonald to Mulroney have, in turn, played the leading role in the country's life, and they link together our knowledge of our history. 
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India Express The Future Of A New Superpower: India In The Twenty First Century, Daniel Lak.
15 Daniel Lak. India Express The Future Of A New Superpower: India In The Twenty First Century
Toronto: Viking Canada 2008 067006484X / 9780670064847 Hard bound New New 3.2 x 15.9 x 23.5 cm 
In this panoramic view of the new India, Daniel Lak uses vivid narrative to show that the world's largest democracy is well on its way to becoming not only one of the world's dominant economies but perhaps the next liberal superpower. Combining anecdote, travel writing, factual reportage, and expert commentary, Lak takes his readers on a heady tour of this rapidly changing land. The result is a lively and riveting portrait of how growing wealth and influence are fashioning India into the next superpower. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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Does the Elephant Dance?: Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy, David M. Malone.
16 David M. Malone. Does the Elephant Dance?: Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy
Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011 0199552029 / 9780199552023 1st Hardbound New New 9.5 x 1.4 x 6.4 inches 
Does the Elephant Dance? elegantly surveys key features of contemporary Indian foreign policy. David Malone identifies relevant aspects of Indian history, examines the role of domestic politics and internal and external security challenges, and of domestic and international economic factors. He analyzes the specifics of India's policy within its South Asian neighborhood, and with respect to China, the USA, West Asia, East Asia, Europe, and Russia as well as multilateral diplomacy. The book also touches on Indian ties to Africa and Latin America, and the Caribbean. India's 'soft power', the role of migration in its policy, and other cross-cutting issues are analyzed, as is the role and approach of several categories of foreign policy actors in India. Substantive conclusions touch on policies India may want or need to adjust in its quest for international stature. This book will appeal to both scholars and students of international relations as well as policymakers, diplomats, journalists, strategic affairs experts, and informed readers. 
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Great Canadian Speeches, Dennis Gruending.
17 Dennis Gruending. Great Canadian Speeches
Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2007 1550419145 / 9781550419146 1st Paperback New 6.3 x 0.9 x 9 inches 
A collection of the most powerful and moving oratory that Canada has to offer. Throughout history, men and women of great eloquence have persuaded their contemporaries to build nations, to make war and create peace, to sway judges and juries, to celebrate the accomplishments of the living, and to mourn for the dead. Canada has had more than its share of great orators, individuals who have used their rhetorical powers to explore important issues faced by our nation: Confederation, relations between peoples, human rights, the economy, culture, our international relationships, particularly with the United States, but also our role in the larger and developing world. Great Canadian Speeches is a thought-provoking collection of the finest speeches in Canadian history, among them: •Sir John A. MacDonald making a case for Confederation, while silver-tongued Joseph Howe argues against it; •Louis Riel pleading his case to a Regina jury in 1885; •Nellie McClung demanding the vote for women; •Dr. Norman Bethune urging Canadians to support the Republican cause in Spain; •Pierre Trudeau and Rene Levesque facing off in the 1980 Quebec referendum; •Thomas Homer-Dixon pondering Canada's future in an increasingly unstable world. •David Suzuki addressing environmental challenges •Jean ChrÚtien on the Trade Tower bombing •Justin Trudeau's "Je t'aime papa" •Stephen Lewis' talk on AIDS and the west •and many more. Great Canadian Speeches is an eminently readable, thought-provoking oratory for anyone who treasures our country's history and literature. 
Price: 22.95 USD
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Ottoman Manufacturing in the Age of the Industrial Revolution, Donald Quataert.
18 Donald Quataert. Ottoman Manufacturing in the Age of the Industrial Revolution
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1993 0521420172 / 9780521420174 Hard bound New (Has a small remainder mark, a black dot at bottom) New 15.2 x 1.7 x 22.8 cm 
This book uncovers the rich, fascinating and complex world of Ottoman manufacturing and manufacturers in the age of the European industrial revolution. Focusing on small-scale home and workshop production, Professor Quataert reveals a dynamism that refutes traditional notions of a declining economy in the face of European expansion. He shows how manufacturers adopted a variety of strategies, such as reduced wages and low technology inputs, to confront European competitors, protect their livelihoods and retain domestic and international customers. 
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Man in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad, Efraim Halevy.
19 Efraim Halevy. Man in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad
New York: St. Martin's Press 2006 031233771X / 9780312337711 1st Hard bound Like New Like New 6.3 x 1.1 x 9.5 inches 
Israel's Mossad is thought by many to be one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. In Man in the Shadows, Efraim Halevy--a Mossad officer since 1961 and its chief between 1998 and 2002--provides an unprecedented portrait of the Middle East crisis. Having served as the secret envoy of prime ministers Rabin, Shamir, Netanyahu, Barak, and Sharon, Halevy was privy to many of the top-level negotiations that determined the progress of the region's struggle for peace during the years when the threat of Islamic terror became increasingly powerful. Informed by his extraordinary access, he writes candidly about the workings of the Mossad, the prime ministers he served under, and the other major players on the international stage: Yasir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Hafiz al-Assad, Mu'amar Gadhafi, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. From the vantage point of a chief in charge of a large organization, he frankly describes the difficulty of running an intelligence agency in a time when heads of state are immersed, as never before, in using intelligence to protect their nations while, at the same time, acting to protect themselves politically. Most important, he writes fiercely and without hesitation about how the world might achieve peace in the face of the growing threat from Islamic terrorist organizations. In this gripping inside look, Halevy opens his private dossier on events past and present: the assassination attempt by the Mossad on the life of Khaled Mashal, now the leader of Khammas; the negotiations surrounding the Israeli-Jordan Peace Accord and its importance for the stability of the region; figures in the CIA, like Jim Angleton and George Tenet, with whom he worked (Halevy even shares his feelings about Tenet's abrupt resignation). He tells the truth about what the Mossad really knew before 9/11. He writes candidly about assessing the threat of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the region and beyond, and what this spells for the future of international stability and survival. He touches on the increasing visibility of the CIA in the Middle East and openly shares his misgivings about both the report of the 9/11 Commission and the Middle East road map to peace that was pressed on all sides of the conflict by the U.S. government. He looks at the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London and their far-reaching effects, and states the unthinkable: We have yet to see the worst of what the radical Islamic terrorists are capable of. Sure to be one of the year's most talked-about books, this fierce and intelligent account of will be a must-read for those looking to hear from a man who wielded his influence, in the shadows, to save the Middle East and the world from a never-ending cycle of violence and destruction. 
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Man in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad, Efraim Halevy.
20 Efraim Halevy. Man in the Shadows: Inside the Middle East Crisis with a Man Who Led the Mossad
New York: St. Martin's Griffin 2006 0312337728 / 9780312337728 Paper back Like New (Advance Uncorrected Proofs) 5.5 x 0.7 x 8.5 inches 
Israel's Mossad is one of the world's most powerful intelligence agencies. Having served as its director, Efraim Halevy has witnessed the Middle East crisis from the inside-out. As the secret envoy to prime ministers ranging from Yitzhak Rabin to Ariel Sharon, Halevy was privy to many of the top-level negotiations that changed the landscape of the region--and, in turn, the rest of the modern world. In Man in the Shadows, he provides a fascinating, deeply informed look at the secret workings and global repercussions of Mossad's fight against Islamic terror, and writes with passion and authority about such topics as: • September 11, 2001: What the Mossad knew before and after the attacks; his critique of the 9/11 report; and his assertion that we haven't seen the worst of radical Islam • His candid thoughts about the Bush Administration; George Tenet and his dismissal; the assassination attempt of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal; and other key players in the war on terror • Iraq: From Operation Desert Storm to the WMD crisis to the war of the present day, Halevy offers a modern history of the region, as well as an action-plan for the future …and more. By turns a powerful history lesson and a roadmap to world peace, Man in the Shadows is a must-read for the twenty-first century. 
Price: 24.95 USD
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